[] Flintlock: Bandit Scholar - Dual Wield Pistols Oppressor

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“A bit of study and a whole lot of practice, and we might just find ourselves on the other side of all this…”

Necromantic and Sanctimonius, Flintlock commands the battlefield with massive caliber pistols capable of blasting through multiple enemies. Her shots are imbued with holy and unholy energies, leeching the life from her foes and smiting them. Flintlock is a high damage dual pistols build.

Quick Cruci demo:

She is a bit squishy. She can clear 150 crucible and 75 SR, although for SR she may need to swap her relic out for Menhir’s Bastion for some additional damage reduction to counter her overall squishiness. Timing of Ascension to give her CC resistance reductions in some fights is essential to her survival, as is making use of her two mobility skills. She becomes a sitting duck in toxic clouds due to lack of skill disruption protection.

Her damage output is fantastic, as you can see in this video, and comfortably gets up to around 1.3m damage per second on a combat dummy.