[] Foilexra: FoI + OFF Fire Mage Hunter (cr4:20) (ncr6:00) (sr85)

A little build you know you wanna check out. Actually working CC in Grim Dawn (!) + finally viable Flames of Ignaffar (!!!)



MAIN Mage Hunter, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

I was deliberating BiS for a long time. In the end, a splash of cold conversion from Warpfire won against the mods from Ascended Scepter and Ugdenflame. Sadly, Pyran chest which I used to sport for almost full conversion had to go cuz phys res. But it’s an option for max dmg. Can play around different relics like Bane, Iskandra and even Eternity for minor performance shifts. In short, there are a hundred ways to build it. Here’s some other setups, less tested:

DEFENSIVE WITH OFF SCEPTER Mage Hunter, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

ALT SETUP WITH UGDENFLAME Mage Hunter, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator


build evaluation
  • solid mid tier. Could aspire for lower top tier if only could do celestials.

  • rng dependent. Unchained mutator does not disable it like it used to but it’s still feels alt+f4-ish. Health mutator is tough and Moose is alt+f4 when closing in on SR90. But freeze immune spawn are few which finally makes it a proper build.

  • skill demanding Gotta know your Ghoul-Mirror-OFF-Bloodthirst rotations, gotta use that Null, around SR85 gotta know which mobs are immune and assess. But it’s positively skill demanding, feels good, it’s not an annoyance like elementalist glass cannon pianos. This feels like you actually play a video game.

  • fun factor high. No other build is like it.


crucible performance


sr performance
  • SR85 no death no pharma with Unchained Foilexra SR 85 - YouTube

  • Another 85 with harder bosses foilexra 85 - YouTube

  • Up to 85, easy once you get the hang of it. Closing in on 90, you start getting one-shot by Moose shards, Maiden Blitz/FW, etc.



Superbosses are immune to freeze, sadly, so no. Could cheese Mog and maybe even Rav if you really really wanted to but why if it’s not really a consistent achiever.


thx and shoutouts

It’s probably my last involvement in GD community so I just wanna give credit where it’s due. Powergamed GD would not exist without these guys, and neither would most of my builds. Sorry if I forgot about somebody.

Big shoutout in no particular order to: Roman, Mad Lee, Banana Peel, Valinov, Nery, Sir Spanksalot, Grey_Maybe, Sigatrev, Slev1n, DMT, Nofika, AlkamosH, supertolik, Critrain, John_Smith, tqFan, eardiam, Superfluff, Retal_Abuser, 1x, Plasmodermic, Shoot, and others, very guilty of omission.

And of course big thx to Zantai and Crate. Got only 2 words for them: Do GD2.

All questions/comments welcome. Thx for reading. PM me for saves.


Love the build, you really showed the power of fire OFF with this one. I’ve looked at the GT a few times and it really is a puzzle to put this one together :sweat_smile: gj!

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Ya1, long time no see in this build section. :smiley:

DPS looks really nice on paper and luckily does translate in results, unlike before.

Thanks for the replies.

Thanks. Different weapon and relic options are very close according to what I saw.

Actually stats look bad. That %dmg in gt is thx to the +400%dmg Mirror mod. Turn Mirror off and it’s measly 2.5k%fire and 2.2k%burn. Spirit is also low for an arcanist. It crutches on crits which is why I pumped up Deadly Aim for a busty total of +171% crit dmg on FoI.

It also does lean heavily of that OFF. It mostly works fine.

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i did a fire AAR OFF (spellbreaker :grin:) once, i wonder if that concept might be actually “ok” now OFF cc is 10% less meme :thinking:

I made a templar with AAR and Mageslayer. Was worse than custom fire AAR but playable.