[] Ranged Pierce Savagery Vindicator [SR80+]

Thanks to @eardianm for his constant playtesting and ideas for ranged builds.

Going through all of my crafted builds in preparation for any final endgame viability discussions. This was something that was rough going when Goredrinker was initially released, but with the Savagery buffs, it now performs great. Goredrinker provides a ton of Health and health leech, and Savagery has just enough options for Pierce damage that you can combine the 2 and get to the final Savagery rank.

This is a non-passthrough Savagery build, so it’s not breaking any speed records, but Inquisitor Seal + huge health leech makes it so that this Vindicator can easily survive what’s thrown at it. The best thing about this build is that there’s so much Health and leeching that Wendigo Totem is completely unnecessary, hastening the preparation before you start shooting things.

GRIMTOOLS - Ranged Pierce Savagery Vindicator

Equipment Choices

Weapon: Messenger’s Repeater is an excellent gun for Ranged Inquisitors, especially with the additional Pierce RR to Word of Pain. The suffix “of Ferocity” provides the final ranks to Savagery, and since the Lightning damage is flat, and not a % increase, all of it is converted into Pierce damage.

3-piece Goredrinker Set: Gives a ton of health leech, a massive amount of Health, and more than enough points into Death Sentence that you can easily hardcap it and make the most of the Pierce RR.

Pierce Shaman Conduit: One of the few times that this conduit is actually useful. Provides Pierce RR to Devouring Swarm, and the defensive bonuses are nice to have.

Bladetwister, Sanguinus, & Mythical Direwolf Crest: Provides the necessary Savagery ranks, and Bladetwister specifically provides the remaining conversion and more RR. If you can’t get the suffix “of Ferocity” in your MI weapon, you can use “The Crimson Claws” to get the last rank of Savagery.

Jaxxon’s Lucky Bullet: Helps round out to 100% WPS chance, and all of the stats in this ring are very useful.

MI Solael Pants: Taken for the nice ADCTH, but any pants that fill your resistances is appreciated. The suffix is really nice for Slow resistance; the prefix you can get a yellow resistance prefix and it shouldn’t affect the build so much.

Mythical Stonewrought Groundbreakers: Taken for the huge Physical Resistance and Physique bonus, which helps meet the requirements to wear the heavy Goredrinker set. CC resists are great in this item, and Brute Force is a great bonus as you get a bunch of converted flat damage

Vengeance Relic: Primarily taken for the Inquisitor Skills, fat DA bonus, and more racial damage is always good.

I’m aware that there’s the medal that grants additional Weapon Damage and ADCTH to Savagery. If you need different pants to fill out your resistances and need to swap out items, it is a perfectly viable option since you get some nice flat converted damage as well. Just make sure to equip “the Crimson Claws” to get more points in Savagery.

As you can see below, I am easily able to beat SR80-81 within the timer; you have a ton of racial damage - Undead from Vengeance Relic, Cthonics & Eldritch from Word of Renewal (especially Kaisan and his near-immune Pierce Resistance), and Beasts (Kuba & Reaper specifically) from the medal. If anyone thinks it’s worth it to try SR85 for spreadsheet points, I might try it. I know Vindicator has been in a rough spot, but all those ranged Inquisitor buffs really help make this build shine.


Interesting take on Pierce Savagery! I didn’t try Messenger gun myself but it looks good with Goredrinker. I tried making that set work with Gutripper for Vindicator but it was disappointing as OA is rather hard to come by.