[ -] [HC] [Vid] Non-Set | Lightning Pet | Conjurer | v1.1

Conjurer, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator (grimtools.com)

Vid SR 75 - 76

GT Rare item affix base on game. u can choice any affix in game


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Nice, classic and fun. The easiest option to beat HC :slight_smile:
IMHO… :vulcan_salute:

Welcome back

really nice one dusk, good way to start of the new year :ok_hand:

wouldn’t stormcaller relic be real good here since it applies aura that affect pets?
or speed bonus+swarmlings just better?

Actually, I don’t like offensive devotion, cause of HC mode. but some SC player can try and change it.

Happy new year :grinning:

u mean skill stormcaller‘s pact ?

Think he means Eye of the Storm. Though, I’d say Primal Instinct is far stronger here. Pet attack speed, 5 more pets with fairly high full converted base damage + more flat piled onto them from existing buffs/auras beats out the 24-65 Lightning damage and +150% Lightning damage to your pets. Especially as you don’t have a ton of pets to begin with to multiply those bonuses compared to builds with Skeletons, Ghol glove spiders or other niche gear pieces like Sanar’Siin/Black Scourge that can stack them up.

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u r right,
the build half damage from 5 swarmlings pets, cant change to other relic
without more pets , stormcaller base lightning damage useless.


How do I start off leveling this? I usually begin any new save by getting 5-10 devotion points in Crucible, so I’m just wondering what skills I should take to make farming the Crucible quicker.

I’m new btw, started last week and I really like pet builds like Ritualist and Conjurer

This is conjurer new start video,take a simple watch, u will know how to start.

Can it do any of the celestials?

yes, Callagadra need change to Beast set. GT:Conjurer, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator
note: Remove Widow devotion for reduce one button for that skill, and change to movment and resistance devotion to increase character and pets survival.

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SR 85 - 87

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Cool update to this build. Do you find the lack of poison resist to be a problem ever? Obviously your videos show great results, but I was just wondering if there were any areas or bosses where the lack of poison and acid resistance on pets is an issue.