[] (2H Hybrid) A Riot of Colors and Elements - Elemental RA Apostate [4:40 Crucible] [SR90] [Avatar]


credits go to @banana_peel for the original build idea and to @mad_lee for some good item suggestions

not much to say this time, though I’m glad for both making a viable 3-elem build and making it with Apostate that is one of those lackluster classes in terms of overall performance.




Gear explanation
  • Weapon - core item of the build. Solid % and flat damage, -%RR and vit/aether conversion. M. Arcanor also has that conversion though it’s straight up worse as it lacks flat and as;

  • Helm – Horns of Korvaak seem to be mandatory-like for ele builds now as because of stats and proc;

  • Armor – first went for full Bonemonger, though it appeared to be more piano-like and slow than the current version;

  • Rings - straight up Bis for all ele builds.

  • Pants – for extra slow res/stats/LL;

  • Gloves - tested Dawnshards and those blue ele gloves though they also appeared to be worse here. Cindertouch have both as and cs and proc is just good for extra AoE.

Pros and cons of the build


  • Very good and strong AoE due to multiple fully converted procs/skills;

  • Build is really fun and fancy to play;

  • Also it’s somewhat creative/unique as there’s not that much to make with Apostate, unfortunately.


  • Not impressive CC-resists and solo-damage from RA.

Average time of this build is sth around 4:40, with good muts/spawns it can go rather fast, with bad it’s about 5 mins. One thing I really disliked is that some mobs can get affected by Ill Omen and go wandering somewhere in the corner so you need to go give them personal invitations.

really lucky 4:19 run

another lucky 4:25 run

average 4:38 run

Shattered Realm




Avatar of Mogdrogen - for this fight put Leather Hide in helm and replace pierce/acid augs with lightning ones.

Summary and thoughts

This build is actually quite fun to play cuz it has massive colorful AoE with decent AA replacer and is good for both Crucible and SR. It’s not OP or broken by any means as it’s still glassy a bit and can’t do superbosses or super-deep SR etc. But what is is, it is quite good.

Feel free to download the build, play it and write your impressions and feedback.


New player here what’s an RA? :scorv:

In all seriousness when I saw this build on discord I was like wtf is an apostate doing in there? Nice build!

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I tried this setup even before RA was introduced and that gave me some serious PTSD
so I was more than sceptical about the build, though I like it turned out to be good.


added video of Mog’s kill to the OP.