[] 2H Melee Lightning Bone Harvest Ritualist - SR 75-76

Hi everyone, I like to share my Lightning BH Ritualist with you. This time I focused on BH, hardcapped it, got 1,8 sec cooldown with mods and global CDR.

Image from the game with perma buffs and Soul Harvest buff


:damage_lightning: GRIMTOOLS :damage_lightning:

This version is better than Savagery focused one I shared in this thread. I think the reason is basically Stormweaver Axe’s low base damage. I mean 9 charge savagery with mods provides only 4-5k difference with Savagery tooltip lol. On the other hand hardcapped BH provided 50k difference and 1,2 sec cooldown. But still Grava can create problems, especially with bad mutators; other than that it’s quite good in farming range.

Here’s a SR 75-76 Complete run, go 5:02 to see Grava fight.

Grava is literally unkillable at SR 85 even with good mutators so build’s limit is pretty this.

PS: Lightning melee builds struggle againts Grava a lot, please diminish Grava’s lightning resistance a bit, like %5 or something. (Fire can be diminish aswell)

Thanks for reading, any comment & feedback is welcome.