[] Acid SS Deathguard Reaper - SR 85

Hi everyone, this won’t be a long thread. I wanted to use Wendigo Barb with Reaper. I did first combine it with Misery and used Beronath as AA but wasn’t that good even though stats look great. Then I realized there is no enough phys>acid conversion to use phys base weapons so I decided to test complete Deathguard set but kept the beronath. It was better but build didn’t satisfy me either so I said to my self, why not use SS as main skill, and builded this version and it performed much better than all others. It’s not a spectacular build ofc but good enough for a single RR acid build. Edit: Then @XandeRoot reminded me Rift Scourge is a better option if I’m gonna use SS as main skill so here we are. Wendigo Barb become useless one more time :stuck_out_tongue:

Image from the game with perma buffs, PB, Soul Harvest+Lethal Assault buffs

Helmet and Amulet crafted with Stun resist.

:faction_vanguard: GRIMTOOLS :faction_vanguard:

I wanna give a feedback about Wendigo Barb and Deathguard set if anyone cares ;

  • Wendigo Barb; this weapon can be used in a few builds I suppose. DW Reaper, DW Oppressor and mybe one can make a DW Cabalist with it using yugol relic or something and maybe Witch Hunter?. /Reaper side looks okay. Edit: I guess it doesn’t look okay :stuck_out_tongue: / Oppressor side would be squisher but okay since you don’t worry about phys>acid conversion there. How about Occultist side? Vit>Acid conversion is easy to reach. Change that conversion with Chaos>Acid or replace it with something else.

  • Deahtguard set; Mods provides a lot of crit damage to the skills but the complete set only provides 180 OA? It should provide more OA, I could say DA shred would be good aswell but one can get Scorpion devotion easily, however there is a problem there. Set has provides no CC resist, Acid devotions also doesn’t provide them so I had to take Empty Throne and Sailor’s Guide to compensate them along with using all crafting bonus for CC resist, getting CC resit affixes and using a ring component.

SR 75-76 Complete Run

SR 85 Complete Run

Build is a bit squishy. If I had more skill points, I would definitely get Omen for more damage reduction.

Thanks for reading, any comment & feedback is welcome


Why not Rift Scourge Slicer though? Is it inferior to Wendigo Barb somehow?

LoL I didn’t even compare it since I wanted to utilize Wendigo Barb, and I also forgot that dagger got %50 Cold>acid conversion at :rofl: so in theory Rift Scourge may provide more SS damage due it’s Acid Base damage.

Edit: In fact, with a bit of quick specing it does provide 2k more weapon damage on grimtools and that doesn’t even counting SS mod. Reaper, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator so maybe I should use it and update the thread.

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Hah, okay. Thought I’m missing something about Wendigo Barb or you were just using it because you got a double rare one. Well, enjoy your improved SS I guess XD


19-23k damage difference between Wendigo Barb and Rift Scourge(both double rare) on tooltip. So it’s really stupid of me to keep using Wendigo Barb.

Mhm. Barb can have its uses somewhere else, like Yugol spinner you mentioned. Can also agree that chaos → acid on BoD mod would be better overall. Feels kinda bad to max out Solael’s Withcfire just for attack speed =\

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What a sick build and what a killer run.

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