[] Apostate: Festerblaze(seer) Set(s) - Fire based Ravenous Earth & Rune Of Kalastor. Mogdrogen, Lokarr, SR 75+ / SR 80 / Gladi 150-170

Been a while but here we are again… :eyes:

Been revisiting & readjusting this old toon of mine and it’s still doing fine! (even tho a bit more squishy now) :partying_face:
Enough talk tho, here is the adjusted GT plus some screenshots!

:damage_fire: >>> NEW GRIM TOOLS <<< :damage_fire:


SR 80:

Gladi 150-170:

Avatar of Mogdrogen:


As usual, if there are any questions, suggestions or constructive criticism feels free to post bellow! :wink:


Here’s a fun and somewhat tanky Apostate I recently put together and thought I share it with you.
Also massive shoutout goes to @eardianm and @romanN1 for the SR & Cruci runs! :heart:



STATS: (with Deadly Aim & Word Of Renewal up!)






(It can get a bit scatchy at times tho, its doable but wouldnt recommand it! You’ve been warned!)

Video of @eardianm doing SR:

Video of @romanN1 doing Cruci:

If you have any further suggestions, questions, constructive criticism feel free to post it bellow!
Have a good one, cheers! :sunglasses: :clinking_glasses:


Other people using my SR runs in their threads? This really is a #deadgame

For context, went in blind and figured out the build as I went. Very survivable, only death was seeing if I could facetank Reaper while figuring things out. Can definitely be quicker as well, I think SR76 ran faster than SR75 as I got used to things.


Why did you photoshop the zeroes in your pictures?

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Lol for real, Cunning and Spirit appear to be pasted in on the screenshot :thinking:

I can assure you they arent tho :rofl:

Maybe it got scaled down in a weird way cuz of the screenshot croping in paint. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Either way have another screenshot without crop @Cybernetic @Stupid_Dragon :wink:

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@Cybernetic @Stupid_Dragon its the croping the make stuff looking wierd. I played that build myself.

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Added a screenshot of SR 80.

There are still people playing with That skill is not ready messages? :wink: I assume you have at least the the sound turned off.
That’s a very cool build, thanks. Would be even better with fiery RE fx. Apostates ftw.


Nice and creative build and I love usage of blue set!

But comparing it with b.hole or in Spanks build as nipple? Sigmund Freud entered the chat.

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As you can see… yes there are. :rofl:
Main reason being that I didnt adjust settings and such much at all after I got my new PC. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Thanks alot!
Yeh recently I’ve been going through alot of blue sets and checking what I can do with them.
Got another one in the making but will see when I get around to finish it. :sunglasses: :clinking_glasses:

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Please don’t be offended by Mergos and his WetNurse Ravenous Butthole.
He’s from Discord where standards are different than ours from what I observed.
However, they have some boundaries. The following gif awaits for those who dare cross them:



A lil bit of fecal humor never hurt anyone from my experience. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Especially not during these times. :wink:
Besides this is getting off-topic.
Please keep it build related, thank you very much! :heart:

You cause buttholes to appear on the ground and spew out poopy. I don’t see what is off-topic about any of this

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:rofl: If you put it like that.

Hit by Deja Vu.


Build has been updated & adjusted for the current patch.

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I tried running a similar build (Festerblaze + Blazeseer) as a Defiler running Fire Acid Purge, but turned out to be awful. Hail the healing powers + Rune of Kalastor powers of Apostate!

Thank you for keeping these fun builds up to date. Really appreciate the effort.

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Ur welcome! :wink:
Sadly defiler as a class is still in not so great of a spot with few exception (that I know of) being vit gunner with 2x purple gargabol guns (gl farming these btw lmao) & blightlord. (and here the shieldbreaker versions are worlds appart from defiler as well, sadly)

Added screenshots for Mogdrogen & Lokarr.