[] Bloodrender Swordsman/DW Vit-Bleeding Trickster. SR 75-76/90/Ravager of Minds/Crate of Entertainment

Hi everyone, I like to share a meme build with you. It doesn’t stack 1M DoTs, but it definitely apply bleeding damage for a very long duration. Well, I was thinking it’s gonna be meme; first SR 75-76 run was like a breeze so I tried SR 80 next, no problem there. Then went or 85; it was not easy but build did it without deaths. Then I progressed from 85 to 90. It was quite hard; I used plenty of Aether Clusters and some consumables againts certain bosses but eventually I managed to finish 90. Well no need to be so chatty :stuck_out_tongue:

Image from the game with perma buffs, PB, Savagery stacks and Howl of the Mogdrogen buff

Amöulet crafted with stun, boots and sword crafted with slow resist.

:drop_of_blood: GRIMTOOLS :drop_of_blood:

Gear Explanation
  • Weapon are core of the build. Getting Bloodthirsty prefix on Barrog’s Arm is also key, Annihilation suffix adds good amount of damage aswell.

  • Packla’s Skins is also BiS for Savagery mods. I suggest you to get Demonic prefix. I used ‘‘Fortitude’’ suffix to invest more cunning and get more bleeding damage aswell as OA.

  • Rylok Crest is also BiS for Savagery mods. ‘‘Bloodletter’’ prefix is also must. I used ‘‘Fortitude’’ suffix to invest more cunning and get more bleeding damage aswell as OA.

  • Yugol is here I believe it’s BiS. You may ask why? Since Demonslayer or Fiendscale chests can be used. 4 AoM points and Aura of the chest provides extra %115 Bleeding and Vitality damage, so it’s BiS. Huge life bonus and freeze resist is also helpful.

  • I wanted to use Carnage rings since they got vitality damage bonus and I think they fitted the build perfectly. Extra %100 bleeding duration is certainly worth it.

  • Bloodfury shoulder is BiS. Good stats and good buff.

  • Unchained Might gloves are BiS for AoE flat RR and Circle of Slaughter bonus.

  • Windshear boots is for good stats and buff.

  • Lacerator Girdle, yes wy not Guthook right? Lacerator provides a very reliable RR along with good bleeding damage and Circle of Slaughter points so it’s also BiS.

  • Serenity? Why not Massacre? It’s really hard to balance the resistances without Serenity. But I guess Massacre can be used for Crucible runs, but losing another circuit breaker requires good piloting skills; which I definitely don’t have.

  • Wendigomane, good bleeding/vitality pants with good stats and proc.

  • Night Whisper Amulet with Vitality Blade Trap variant? Well I used it for stats, especially for defense. Having some pierce>vit conversion also helps.


Devotion route is not that unique. I added Bat and binded to Blade Spirits to get some passive leech. The rest is Huntress, Unknown Soldier, Mogdrogen the Wolf and Falcon. Scales also helps for sustain.

Why should you play this build? I really don’t know; I like to experiment and share the results with you. Build has good sustain unlike other bleeding builds so you can keep hitting. It has very high bleeding duration and it’s not that squishy. It has huge lifepool, good enough phys resist, good resistances.

SR 75-76 Complete Run

Build is quite reliable on farming range.

SR 90 Boss Room

As you can imagine I had to fish -%6 Bleeding Resist mutator to finish the run without consumables but Zantarin and Grava forced me to use Aether Cluster.

Ravager of Minds Kill

First time killing Ravager with a bleeding build but killed in the first try, though I used regen consumables to be safe if I’m gonna have to kite. I think they’re not mandatory, you can use only OA and Health consumables and kill it with ease.

Crate of Entertainment Kill

No change maded, just used consumables.

PS: I couldn’t try Mogdy because this character already killed him, but I think build can kill him. (And I’ld be very happy if someone teach me how to undo that fight to try again without creating new characters lol.)

Thanks for reading, any comment & feedback is welcome


Dual damage = instant like! Great job here @fordprefect :+1:

Fashion Dawn is money too!



Added Ravager and Crate kill videos.


80% lifesteal! Insane!