[] Bonemonger's Smite/S&B Aether Oppressor. SR 90/Ravager of Minds


Hi everyone, I like to show you my Bonemonger Oppressor. I was thinking about using Bonemonger’s Oathkeeper side but 2H or DW melee didn’t seem that great on paper, then I checked for Aether shields and saw this one(and Will of the Living ofc). It wasn’t look so promising on paper but I tried nevertheless, it performed much much better than I hoped. I mean you may ask where doesn the damage come from? And all I can say is Smite…

PS: This is not a whole guide, just a showcase; if you have any question you can ask and I can answer.

Image from the game with perma buffs, RF stacks, Soul Harvest buff and Mindwarp proc

Helmet crafted with pierce resist

:damage_aether: GRIMTOOLS :damage_aether:

Most gears are BiS so no need to explain them seperately. Get some phys resist and aether damage on shield; get resistances and some OA on belt and ring.

Why you should play this build? It’s quite tanky, it has good damage for a S&B AA build and it’s different! :stuck_out_tongue:

SR 75-76 Complete Run

SR 85 Complete Run

I forgot to get health potion on this one but kept going lol

SR 90 Complete Runs

Go 4:00 for Grva fight.

Another run;

Go 4:20 for Reaper fight

Ravager of Minds Kill

No changes maded, just used OA consumables. Put Aether Cluster on skillbar but didn’t even need it.

PS: I couldn’t test Mogdrogen since character already killed it but I’m pretty sure build can kill him.

Thanks for reading, any comment & feedback is welcome


Ford putting out some cool builds lately! Good job.

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Thanks, GDstash allows me to try every different idea quite easily.

I also added another SR 90 Complete run with Reaper fight.

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Can anyone check the second SR 90 video? It’s thumbnail doesn’t show on the forum but I’m not sure if video is broken. My side seems okay.

It works, just checked.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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All hail the Stash!

How much does Shattering Smash contribute to the overall DPS? It feels like it’s completely meant for Physical builds, and there’s barely any Shield WPS that makes you want to use a Shield. That’s why I’m hoping that there are items in the future that provide specifically a Shield WPS. There are a ton of Shields I’d want to try out but there’s not much use for them outside of Stat bonuses.

Well I think it’s more than Reaping Strike. I don’t use GI so can’t say exact numbers but it definitely contributes the AoE. Sadly it’s trauma damage can’t be converted to Aether but I also made Vitality and Fire S&B builds that utilize Shattering Smash and they also benefit from it a lot. If the shield damage is good enough, it’s damage can compete with other WPS. Consider this, RS has %140 WD and Mindwarp has 103-142(forgot how much you convert physical into aether) base damage but SS has %133 WD and shield has 165 base damage.

And yes I also would like to see more shield wps provided by gears; maybe even relics.

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I think it can contribute a fair amount of DPS particularly since it’s a quick up/down animation and it hits for a good size AoE. Am I remembering correctly that it hits the primary target both from the initial WPS hit and also with the cone? I seem to remember it used to only hit with the cone and was fixed some time ago… :thinking:

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Build looks great, I had a similar concept of ideas for my SnB Oppressor. I haven’t stress tested it in deep SR yet, nor have I taken on any super bosses. But things looks promising! I’ve been comparing my build to yours, and although they are very similar, they have some very defining differences. Here’s a link if your interested, any tips or advice is welcome, thanks. Oppressor, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

Thanks. WPSs are important here, especially shield ones and I don’t think Theodin’s AA is better than RF here. Mindwarp’s %RR is also very good for single RR Aether build.

Well your build is definitely tried and tested. Mine is more a mad experiment. But there is still some potential here, especially if I can find better stats on all my green items. Your build will be very easy to respec into if mine ends up being a total flop. Thanks for looking at mine.

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