[] Cabalist Aether Spam Doom Bolt. 150-170 crucible, 75-76 SR, Avatar, Crate of Entertainment, Lokarr, Bourbon clones and others

Hello everyone. I would like to share the build that became possible thanks to patch 1194. This is Aether Spam Doom Bolt. The build has average damage , but can confidently compete with some areas of endgame.

GT: Cabalist, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

эфирный болт.PNG

150-170 crucible

Crate of Entertainment



Bourbon clones

Mad queen


SR 75

SR 76


how does it quality as “Aether” with being 25% aether dmg, 16% fire, 16% chaos, 41% cold? :thinking:

I have a poor command of English to explain the meaning of conversions in this build and the final aether build. I will say in general terms, because of conduit, we lose the flat base of vitality and 50% of the flat base of chaos. But we purchase spam doom bolt and continue to work with it. The fire medal is here specially for 250 flat fire damage, 125 of which will become aether from behind the belt. And the vitality conversion that this medal gives does not matter to us, since conduit has already ruined our vital base on doom bolt.

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yep, just realized there is 0 direct Vitality to Aether conversion modifiers, and applying global would lose out on spam
so it’s either “100”% conversion and slow doom bolt, or 25% and spam or nothing at all
makes sense