[] Cataclysm TSS Templar CR 4:20 SR 90

Templar always looked like an interesting class to me, with double CDR exclusive skills and a ton of value from high CDR. Unfortunately it was hard to justify picking Star Pact on most builds and Arcanist has barely any Vitality/Acid-support for Path of the Three, thus the class was a dissapointment in most cases. This changed in patch with Celestial Presence now giving elemental RR.


This build features the full Eastern Oath set for some good general stats and TSS-line skill points. In addition it uses the Cataclysm set for even more skill points and a good damage reduction proc.
All items here are BiS but a decent budget option for the boots would be Golemborn Greaves.

Offense comes from ridiculously high %dmg and high CDR which makes abilities and procs hit very hard. Despite the low RR it tackles resistant enemies well by having a decent split between lightning and cold damage. The RR weakness is however seen versus Celestials whom are resistant to all damage types.

Maiven’s Sphere and a good damage reduction proc provides some pretty strong defense. Ascension, Phoenix Fire and Giant’s Blood have close to permanent uptime, and if the damage is still overwhelming fail safes like Ghoul and Resilience should be ready most of the time when needed. Lastly sustain is fixed with Dryad’s Blessing which has some good synergy with high CDR and the healing increase from Haven.


My best run, 4:12.

No buffs/banners with extra spawn.

Shattered Realms

SR 100 by @Retal_Abuser


This is not the best build for celestials but they are doable with pharma and by kiting/rotating circuit breakers like Ghoul, Mirror and Health Potion. Note that devotion bindings can be optimized for these fights.




Slow and steady.

Hope you enjoy. Shoutout to the guys on Discord and to @Retal_Abuser for some professional deep SR & Celestial piloting.


Very fine craft, sir

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Never knew posting porn is allowed here. :eyes:

Jokes aside tho, well done build! :clap:

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Cataclysm but not Ludrigan :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice build! Great result for the concept and as you mentioned Star Pact and Ascension are nice combo.

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Kiwamono master strikes again!!