[] Cold Upheaval Trickster with Winter King.SR 75/76 to 85

Hi everyone, I’ve been testing different melee Upheaval builds and here is the cold one. It looks like some kind of meme but it performs well enough with minimum MIs, though certain affixes contribute a lot to the OA.

Image from the game with perma buffs, PB, Savagery stacks and Lethal Assault buff

Amulet and Gloves crafted with freeze, helmet crafted with stun resist.

:ice_hockey: GRIMTOOLS :ice_hockey:

  • Korba helm is core of the build. Korba chest is BiS to get %damage bonus.

  • Bane of the Winter King is BiS.

  • Alkamos Rings are BiS.

  • Korvaak’s Brand is BiS for Savagery mods.

  • I used conduit to balance resistances and get defense but if you can give up from serenity DA bonus and tweak some augments/components you can use HotM for more damage.

  • Ultos shoulder is BiS to get savagery bonus but it also provides key bleeding resist and good amount of OA.

  • Iceskorn gloves are BiS.

  • Used Stormtitan boots to get some Upheaval points and alternative AoE damage reduction.

  • Kuba pants with Amarastan Flurry suffix is BiS to hardcap lethal assault.

  • Gargoyle belt is best option to get ton of OA so it’s BiS.

  • Used serenity since I skipped Ghoul.

  • I went for an in interesting devo route. I needed to get Korvaak to get OA bonusses and DA shred. Combined with Ultos since it provides also god amount of damage and OA. Amatok is almost mandatory for 2H cold builds and Voila! Last 4 points you can get Ghoul ofc but getting 3 piece DG is best for OA bonus and last point can be used best in Ultos proc.

  • You may ask why skipped Sailor and get Gallows? Well I used all extra skill points into PB to get more OA and AS. At first I invested them into AoMurder but I couldn’t invest any cunning since build has already very low DA. So Gallows provides extra human racial damage and it also has good stats.

SR 85 Complete Run (Go 5:50 to see Kuba fight)

SR 75-76 Complete Run

Thanks for reading, any comment & feedback is welcome


Nice one! Note that there is no augment on amulet in your GT link .

LoL, not in the game aswell so we can add extra damage and 75 OA to the build :rofl:

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Silver Sentinel’s Mask illusion for helmet is better, in my opinion :neutral_face:. The build is good as always :+1:.

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Upheaval builds confuses me, never tried it myself. Number are looking good, but how is AoE on these builds? Usually, if you have quite stacked OA, you have 30% ish chance to Crit (upheaval) but in a lot of high SR bosses it should be less then 20%. Meaning roughly 20-30% chance for WPS isnt it?

AoE is good enough for SR chunks. And I didn’t check for each nemesis but you should get atleast %21-22 with these stats and DA shred which is enough with max AS. With OA banner in Crucible you should see much more frequent Upheaval hits aswell.