[] DW Lightning Melee/Thunderous Conjurer - SR 75-76(85ish) Avatar of Mogdrogen

Hi everyone, me again with another melee lightning build. This one has good enough damage but much more squisher, though still can’t kill Grava at SR 85. Anyway here is the build;

Image from the game with perma buffs, Savagery stacks and 2x Kelpath’Zoth proc

Rings are crafted with freeze resist, amulet crafted with %4 physique.

:damage_lightning: GRIMTOOLS :damage_lightning:

  • 1x Stormheart and 1x M. Crystallum are core of the build. Use Crystallum to get savagery mods and racial damage.

  • Horns of Korvaak is BiS for savagery mods and proc.

  • Korvaak’s Brand is BiS for savagery mods.

  • Conduit of Eldritch Whispers with %15 Elemental RR is BiS.

  • 2x Kelpath’Zoth rings are BiS for their proc and Stormcaller’s Pact points. Build doesn’t need attack speed anyway.

  • Fateweaver chest is used for Stormcaller’s Pact points but stats are also good.

  • Ultos Shoulder is used to get Savagery points.

  • Cindertouch gloves are best lightning gloves right now so it’s BiS.

  • Eye of the Storm is BiS for lightning shaman builds.

  • Chains of Brandis is BiS for conversion and slow resist, I used Thunderstuck prefix to cap stun resist aswell.

  • Anasteria Leggings is BiS to hardcap Storm Touched. Used rimefrost prefix to get freeze resist.

  • Stormbearers are optional, I used it to get phys resist but you can use any other lightning or elemental damage boots and if the ones you use provide CC resist, you can adjust MI prefixes and crafting bonus accordingly.


It’s Spear-Ultos route. I tried to get all important points of Ultos and Spear but got Korvaak’s proc which is more important since build has high crit damage but no DA shred. You can squeze one more point and get Ultos or Spear proc by getting Viper and Wretch instead of Jackal and Gallows but I get Gallows for human racial damage.

I know stats doesn’t look so promising in GT but build has good damage through combining crit damages and ‘‘chance of’’ %lightning damage which is kinda cool I think. But it’s low armor, low DR makes it quite squishy for high shards.

SR 85 Complete Run

With ‘‘Resistant’’ mutator but lucky boss room.

SR 85 Complete Run Go 8:00 for Grava fight

Rage quit due to unkillable Grava at the end.

SR 75-76 Complete Run

With ‘‘Resistant’’ mutator.

Mogdrogen Kill

No changes maded, just used health and OA consumables.

Thanks for reading, any comment & feedback is welcome


So Grava hits harder than Maiden in melee… :thinking: Interesting.

The build is good in terms of damage but yes, the armor/DA is too low for a melee fighter. Nice Conjurer nonetheless :+1:.

By the way, you have 3 spare Skillpoints since Might of the Bear transmuter of Savagery works only for two-handers.

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IM can also one-shot the build at 85 but yes Grava also hits hard.

LoL :scream: I always overlook these things. Those 3 points can be utilized in Mogdrogen’s Pact for a bit more flat damage or in Sigils I guess.

It’s pretty debatable. For Maiden her most dangerous damage comes from Forcewave and Blitz obviously, which are hard to call “melee”. For Grava though his most dangerous attack is double wave-swipe, which looks like melee, but it isn’t really that different from Maiden’s Forcewave. I don’t think anything actually kills with normal melee attacks except Fabius.

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Forcewave maybe, but Blitz is definitely melee.

Looks more like two Blade Arc swipes (which are obviously melee attacks). Or is it another sneaky Crate mechanic? :laughing:

Well, I said “hits harder”, not “kills” :man_shrugging:.

And Voldrak with Relentless of Ruin Crusher :rofl:.

Hello fordprefect
i’m new here, my character name HoangAKW
in ultimate, i have not finished quest “avatar of mogdrogen” and Port of valury
I saw your character is very similar to mine, where my focus is lightning & cold
I’m still not trying clave of three DLC yet. I saw you have a very nice relic as well as the medal for dual-weild
So far, i cannot find blueprint for inferno relic
Thanks for your sharing, i’ll try to follow your guide
just ask for your favor, if you don’t mind share your save game, so that i can borrow some of your items (no soulbound) for my character to try, if it’s not possible, please ignore for me

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile: Since you’re in the very beginning of your GD journey, I don’t want you deprive from all the fun and game knowledge by letting you easy accessing things. Finish the game including all dlcs and mandatory quests, kill monster totems on the way and do some rogue-like dungeon. You’ll get all the blueprints you need and lots of other items.