[] (DW Melee) Wrath of the Ascended - Melee Fire Paladin [4:45 Crucible] [SR90] [Avatar, Crate]


Not much to say, I did this build several months ago but decided to post only now cuz there was a wave of fire-burn nerfs and then some flat buffs. Also this is my very first build with Oathkeeper that I really liked and wanted to share.
Note that overall it’s mostly a gimmick concept but I like it nevertheless.




Gear explanation
  • Weapon – BiS here. The sword gives needed mods to Ascension and the axe fully converts RF and adds some fat damage to it;

  • Helm – BiS here due to Ascension mod;

  • Armor – I personally like 3-part Justicar here as it gives you 100% armor absorb and some fat flat and % damage, as well as Judgement conversion;

  • Belt – for extra resists and stats (slow res especially), otherwise I’d take M. Crimson Lotus;

  • Pants – also for extra resists and LL;

  • Relic – Ignaffar’s Combustion is BiS here for damage, though one can replace it with Bane for better OA.

Pros and cons of the build


  • Nice damage from both AA and supporting procs, also huge RR from both masteries and items;

  • Fat flat absorb values from Ascension and Phoenix that are the core of build defence; for more absorb, you can also move points from Retribution and maybe Rebuke into Seal, though this will result in damage loss.


  • Build really lacks OA and slow resist so it requires some brain gymnastics to get them all to decent level. This is also about phys res that’s quite low.

Average time I had was about 4:45, some bad runs were 5+ mins, better about 4:3x. Naked was quite fast, tho.

buffed 4:29 run by myself

buffed 4:30 run by myself

naked ex 6:02 run by myself

Shattered Realm




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Crate of Entertainment – the vid is from old spec with 2 Bloodlord’s Vengeances, though I’ll try to record a new one when GI is out.

Summary and thoughts

The build is fin and I actually like it, though I’d like to mention two moments that bother me the most. First one is that for the amount of greenery and firepower the build has it performs quite mediocre for today’s standards, at least in my hands. Second is the problem of stats/resist that hardly get covered even with all these rare items of stats. Nevertheless, I still like this Paladin but probably won’t advise to make it from scratch.

Feel free to download the build, play it and write your impressions and feedback.