[] Lightning Blade Arc Warder - SR 75-76(85ish)

Hi everyone, I did tested this setup in the publictesting but I liked to make a whole thread with this build and share with you. I also want to show Z that lightning melee builds struggles againts Grava even with 2x Sanctified Bone in farming range. Build is very slow, it’s biggest advantage is huge health bar.

Image from the game with perma buffs and Kelpath’Zoth proc

Amulet and ring crafted with %4 physique

:damage_lightning: GRIMTOOLS :damage_lightning:

SR 85 Complete Run

Bad mutators but lucky boss room. Grava is impossible without consumables/aether cluster in this level.

SR 75-76 Complete Run

Go 10:00 to see Grava fight, build hardly kills it even there is no ‘‘resistant’’ mutator.

PS for Devs: I could suggest decreasing Grava’s Lightning(maybe even fire) resistances but it can inevitably buff some fire&lightning casters along with it so I guess the only choice is here increasing Lightning melee mods/flats etc one by one. I mean build uses Ravager Helmet for extra RR, OA was hard to balance if you exclude 3x Tempest prefix. Happy New Year! Let's Talk V1.1.9.5/6 - #8 by fordprefect I also presented some other lightning melee builds here. I suggested that DW Stormserpent Trickster is still need some buffs even after getting buffed a few patches in a row.

Thanks for reading, any comment & feedback is welcome


Nice build! I’ll have to try this one. You are also completely correct about Grava in farming range; single rr lightning struggles greatly. The fact that there is not a single ring granting lightning rr is a shame.