[] Nightshade Dervish/2H Acid SS(1.1 sec CD) - SR 75-76/85/Ravager of Flesh

Hi everyone, I decided to keep testing SS variants and while I was evaluating options I found that there is no Nightshade SS focused build in the forum. There is one by @banana_peel but it’s RF+ABB focused and outdated as hell. I didn’t want to include RF due to lack of skill points and it’s already awkward to play with such low CD skills in rotation, since animations and interruptions usually won’t allow you to instant use of SS+ABB+RoS in a row without wasting time. Anyway here is the build;

Image from the game with perma buffs, PB and Lethal Assaul buff

Helmet crafted with %4 physique

:faction_dreeg: GRIMTOOLS :faction_dreeg:

  • Nightshade’s Reach is obviously core of the build, try to get best CDR and %Damage roll, AS doesn’t matter much.

  • 2 piece Venomblade set is also BiS for stats and skill points.

  • Why Azrakaa amulet? Because build is squishy and definitely needs health and +max resistances but good part is amulet also provides some CDR.

  • Why Serenity over Meditation? Ofc Meditation is BiS for damage here but it deprives you from last SS points and resistances are really hard to balance without serenity. Also since the build i squishy, extra circuit breaker makes it much easier to play.

  • Slithscale pants are BiS

  • Venomspine boots are BiS for Justifiable Ends points.

  • Basilisk Mark is BiS for Justifiable Ends points. Also you need ‘‘Shadows’’ suffix to hardcap SS. You can use Mark of the Forbidden aswell and get SS points from somewhere else but it doesn’t have any offensive ability and you need OA.

  • Zantarin shouldeer is BiS for phys resist, LA points and you can also get CC resist with right affixes.

  • I consider 2x Shuroth’s are BiS for skill points but you can use green rings to get PotT points ofc.

  • Why not Deadly Means belt? Because you need either chaos or aether resistance. Try to get OA.

  • Vilescorn gloves is BiS here.

Nothing weird with devotions, it’s usual acid route.

It’s a fun build to play. Getting 1.1 sec SS is quite good. Sheet damage doesn’t look promising but build also stack good enough poison damage. I’m pretty sure build can be adjusted to speed run in CR but it would require very solid piloting to survive; my focus was survival in SR and used 4 circuit breaker to compensate squishiness which ofc lowered the damage significantly.

SR 85 Complete Run

SR 75-76 Complete Run

Ravager of Flesh Kill

Changed mobility rune to Amatok so I could escape and kite when I need. I used almost all consumables and 1x Aether Cluster.

PS: Couldn’t try Mogdrogen since character already killed him but I think it’s possible.

Thanks for reading, any comment & feedback is welcome


Built almost the same thing together like 3 days ago xD
But went with 3pcs Deathguard for more cooldown as well as hourglass route (with Wendigo and Korvaak) which combines for perma Ascension (with a good cooldown roll on Nightshade).
Probably less damage but super fun and very safe to play.
On my phone right now so I don‘t have a GT link.

Good to see a functioning Nightshade SS build.
Great work!

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Made some small changes, invested more to Nightfall since build has some global cold>acid conversion on the weapon.

SR 75-76 Complete Run

SR 85 Complete Run