[] Pierce/Bleed Rimetongue Infiltrator CR 4:20 SR 85

After having tested cold Rimetongue Spellbreaker I wanted to explore other versions, especially a pierce version. I tested pure pierce a lot, crucible timers hovered around 4.40-4.50. Eventually decided to go for a pierce/bleed hybrid and timers started improving. There are so many bleed damage sources in the build so it makes sense even though set doesn’t have %damage.
Additionally dropping Azrakaa devotion for Huntress also allowed to pick up Dryad which is low key a perfect fit.

Build plays really well and I’m really enjoying Rimetongue set atm, hopefully it stays this way.
Actually had my pleasedontnerf-Rimetongue argument ready when all my good runs were dependant on Swift mutator and then my best run ended up being without it :zipper_mouth_face:




4:19 run

Shattered Realms
SR 85 boss room



Wow, really cool build and super smooth piloting

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I wonder how fitting bloodbore would feel on a build like this… https://www.grimtools.com/calc/m239Mp9Z more focus on keeping range + using the traps for positioning


Love it, good job with the build and showing that pierce/bleed hybrid is better than pure pierce here! Makes me wanna play my bloodborer rimetongue trator again :smiley:

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Yea maybe Bloodborer would be really good here, i’ll test it in a few days. Both dual-wield and with offhand i suppose, kinda want to add second jaxxon’s as well :thinking:
Also added save file to OP if anyone want to test it (with some small changes)

Go for it! Honestly feel like cunning dump + Blade Spirits + Unknown Soldier and Azrakaa relic is enough for a bleed hybrid

Ranged Bloodborer setup https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YVWePayN
With offhand was much better than dual wield. Fun to play and can go a little bit faster with some grind


Small changes to fish for faster crucible times https://www.grimtools.com/calc/q2MXM8zN
Managed to tie my crucible record with this 4:09 run featuring swift mutator
Forgot to mute mic so also featuring intense keyboard noises