[] Pierce Runes Infiltrator, 5:19 Crucible, SR90, Crate, Callagadra, etc

Runes are awesome.

Pierce Runes Infiltrator


Gear explanation
  • Amulet: Pierce Kalastor conduit is the core of the build
  • Shield: I’m using this shield for the skill mod to RoK. Flat rr allows me to skip Scales devotion. With physical resistance prefix I’m tanky enough to skip Inquisitor Seal completely. I also used a lvl 84 version to spend less points in physique.
  • Medal: Mark of Kalastor is a no-brainer for the powerful skill mod.
  • Chest: A rarely used item but fits perfectly here with +2 Artifact Handling and +2 Blade Spirits which allows me to reach 24/16 BS without Nightblade belt or relic.
  • Belt, gun and ring for full ele to pierce conversion. Rune of Hagarrad and Blade Spirits are also fully converted to pierce.
  • Relic: Vengeance is BiS for +1 Inquisitor, defensive stats and racial damage to undead.
  • Helm: Ravager for +1 skills, health and cdr.

Quick Lokarr kill with rune stacking
[] Pierce Runes Infiltrator vs Lokarr - YouTube

Ravager of Minds
[] Pierce Runes Infiltrator vs Ravager of Minds - YouTube

[] Pierce Runes Infiltrator vs Callagadra - YouTube

[] Pierce Runes Infiltrator vs Crate - YouTube

Unfortunately I had already killed Mogdrogen with that character so I haven’t been able to fight him.

Shattered Realm

Relatively comfortable Sr 75-76 farmer if you stack runes before engaging large packs and bosses.

Here’s a clip from SR 76
[] Pierce Runes Infiltrator SR 76 Boss Room - YouTube

I’ve been able to push until SR 90. Boss room can be very easy or very hard depeding on who you get. Here’s a half easy, half very hard with not so great mutators.
[] Pierce Runes Infiltrator SR 90 Boss Room - YouTube


While I’m not a particularly efficient crucible pilot compared to some other players on this forum, I was able to consistently beat 151-170 around 5:30.

Here’s my 5:19 run, a personal record for me :slight_smile:
[] Pierce Runes Infiltrator 5:19 Crucible - YouTube

Horn of Gandarr explanation

Study of the Horn of Gandarr was forbidden for centuries due to its mind shattering properties, but desperation called it into use when High Inquisitor Serenir utilized the Horn to great effect while singlehandedly taking on an occult coven. The cultists turned upon each other in confusion, allowing Serenir to finish off the stragglers with ease. This earned the Inquisitor a commendation and the Horn was later replicated by the Luminari scholars for field use, though with reduced potency.

Credits: Thanks to all the season 3 league team. The heroic death of my RoK paladin made me crave more rune play and inspired this build.

Any feedback is welcome :slight_smile:


Hag is not needed.


This build has faster Crucible but :crab: :turtle: has killed all Celestials and has 15s faster Ravager :thinking:
For me Inspector has been beaten this time.


Ah cdr prefix on the shield and more racial damage. I’m a bit surprised about wendigo medal over mark of kalastor here but seems like it works. Anyway I would advise against comparing my builds with crucible timer cause I’m a total chump in that game mode.

Devotion proc skill assignation is interesting, do you know how point blank penalty for blades of wrath damage affect blade spirits vs RoK? I may have to try a few different options and see how it feels.

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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It wonder how big of a deal bigger AoE for WoP is in crucible. I’m fairly confident my version does slightly more single target dps which is useful for SR and superbosses (and safer because of shield prefix choice).

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