[] Purifier DW Ranged Fire Strike / Dagallon + Justicar Set

GT : Purifier, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

CORE : Dagallon set + 2 set Justicar for armor bonus (Shoulder & Gloves).

AMULET : BiS is Kaisan with elemental / fire damage / OA/DA and most important +2 Fire Strike.
I had very lucky to get a Puncturing Kaisan of Destruction on my second run of Kaisan farm but fact is Nemesis farm can be annoying especially Kaisan cause you can’t farm his amulet in Shattered Realm, you can replace the amulet with a Runefather’s gem if you want but little less DPS.

RINGS : Myth Light Oak & Myth Combustion Band.
Alternative Option : Myth Sapphire & Ruby of Elemental Balance works too.

MEDAL : The Mythical Korvaak’s Brand had been buffed in and is very good for a Fire Strike build, you can use a Mythical Pyroclasm too.

PANTS : Mythical Chausses of Barbaros for the amazing proc.

BELT : Mythical Ulzuin Torment (OA/DA, Elemental dmg, +1 Demo).

BOOTS : Mythical Wyrmscale Footguards (OA/DA, Elemental dmg, Some bonus skill & a good proc).

RELIC : Bane or Ignaffar Combustion but i prefer Bane for survival and you don’t loose too much DPS with it.

GAMEPLAY : Very simple, activate Word of Renewal for DPS/Movement Speed/Resistances boost, put your inquisitor seal, aggro mobs with Word of Pain and destroy everything with Fire Strike.
Rinse & Repeat.

Enjoy !


why seru and sage when you can use magi and torch for better caos resist and damage

Glad to see some new Purifiers, thanks. I have several of those pistols but never got to using them.

I’ve made some changes and add Torch devo and for chaos resistance you are capped with no problem when Word of renewal is active and it’s always active :wink:

thats fine if you can keep WoR active but you need over cap for when you come across RR

Why Light’s Oath? I have a similar build and have bigger damage number with 2x Combusion Band.

My favourite build still holding up over time. Fwiw, here’s what I’ve been using for quite awhile, haven’t played it lately but maybe I’ll take it out for a spin again, now that the patch has dropped. This build uses Abomination devo to take advantage of the Dag’s headpiece granting 100% chaos conversion to fire/lightning damage for a significant dps boost.

Dagallon Fire/Lightning update

I’ve tried to make it as tanky as possible, pretty good DA and Phoenix devo for nice absorb as well. Kaisan ammy is really good, don’t have to get double rare (I stashed that one), like Drummer said, the ‘of destruction’ suffix is reasonably farmable.

EDIT: Jan 10, 2023: got around to updating this build again post (final time??), swapped out the medal to Korvaak’s, should’ve done that a long time ago tbh, it’s great, also swapped the epic ring out for even moar OA. Performance is still solid, I did SR 75/76 with ease actually, super stable and fun to play. The usual suspects can still be tricky if you get them in the boss room ie. Grava/Ravager/MQ. The biggest issue with the Dagallon set has always been the lack of phys resist.


Do you use both Thermite mine and Word of pain? You have 10 pts in mine but in gameplay you don’t mention it. Thanks.

What’s the order of Devotions for the build?

Farming Kaisan is such a pain! 50 kills and counting

Why bother then. You don’t need Kaisan amulet with +2 to Fire Strike for 22 Fire Strike in this build as it’s at 10 / 12 without bonuses (hold Ctrl + Shift in Calculator to see that). You could pull 2p from Deadly Aim for example. Use your current Kaisan amulets or craft Runefather’s Gem (now I see it’s actually mentioned in the OP) if all your Kaisans are total crap.


Yeah, great question, I shouldn’t bother. I have Runefather’s, and with 80 kills in and no dice I think I’ll move on. Likely got a nice roll for some other build by now. Thanks

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Are you build and able to kill some celestial? And is it still viable in the current game-only build?