[] :: Rainmaker :: Aesthetic Fun/Novel Massive Blue AOE Devastation Mage

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Using the new Conduit of Arcane Whispers for wide/rapid cold damage Devastations, here’s a fun build!

In terms of damage output or survivability, this build is not exceptional. It is ok at both. It can finish SR75, but it’s not entirely comfortable to do so depending on mutators. Still, it is fun and seeing wide, massive, lingering blue devastation and many whirlpools is a fun time. :smiley:

Check out a vid of the playstyle:

The build is not OP - it is quite squishy without crucible buffs, though it’s wide ranging damage is really nice (3:20 clear of 100-110 is quite fast without towers!)

The build has -108% cold RR, 75% crit damage on devastation, and if you’re after that blue mage aesthetic, this one’s for you :wink:

Limited healing comes from Blood of Dreeg, Vampire Fangs and lifesteal for the weapon damage on Chain Lightning.

Other defenses include Maiven’s Sphere of Protection, Phoenix Fire and Mirror of Ereoctes.

Rainmaker is partially built around cooldown reduction, so there’s more uptime for devastation and defensive buffs. I could maybe go for Time Dilation devotion setup for more continuous buffs/devastation, but I wanted whirlpool on the wide devastation to make a massive AOE field that would demolish enemies - and it does.

I also like it because the devastation ‘rain’ creates massive, damaging ‘rain puddles’ which was just fun.

Enjoy :smiley:


dude that’s a little to squishy for my liking cool build regardless any vet Grim Dawn would agree w me on that yet try to rework that build so it’ll have better defensive and keep the offensive damage rather high.



Feel free to tweak the build as you see fit. :slight_smile:

thanks it looks too much of a glass cannon of a build and all too, maybe why Val posted that templar build but I’d don’t knw the build setup initially too and all good backup option and all, sure Arcanist yet shaman is good leveling masteries from whatever info I’ve found about the masteries and all too, its always good to be open to other options besides that one playstyle too.

Sure. I mean, I mainly like this build because I love the aesthetic and damage of it, even if it’s squishy. I have other characters that are built for tankiness or whatever else.

I ultimately make builds to satisfy my own curiosity or playstyle interests, and share them so that those who share these interests can enjoy them. I don’t really care about trying to make brilliantly efficient solo builds for SR+ and Celestials - there enough brilliant builders on the forums covering that territory. So, I explore nicher ideas - builds based around aesthetics, team builds, deep SR specialty builds and so on.