[] Zera the Spellsword :: Elemental Apostate 2h Melee/Caster :: Cr150 / SR76

GrimTools: Apostate, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

This is a elemental damage piano-build melee/caster hybrid, with decent AOE damage, powerful melee strikes, strong debuffs to enemies, and good protective magics.

In the Crucible video below, I’d forgotten to assign Elemental Storm devotion, so the damage should be considerably higher than it is seen. And, the damage is quite high - Crucible 140-150 in 3:30 (buffs, no banners) is quite fast. :smiley:

The build has 100% aether to elemental conversion, and 50/50 Vitality to Aether/Elemental conversion.

Debuffs to enemies:

  • 20% reduced damage to enemies
  • 340 DA reduction
  • 75% reduced enemy movement
  • 109% elemental resistance reduction
  • Confusion


  • Max inquisitor seal for 430 damage absorption
  • Phoenix Fire for 168 damage absorption
  • Mark of Torment for 43% damage absorption
  • 3100 DA
  • 12% life steal
  • Vampire Fangs for more lifesteal

AOE Damage:

  • Arcane Currents with full conversion to elemental comfortably spam the battlefield
  • Bone Harvest reaches across the battlefield
  • Hyrian’s Glare reaches across the battlefield
  • Bonemonger’s Wake of Bones constantly spamming nearby enemies
  • Reaping Arc with a 210 degree attack arc and a few meters of depth allows you to slam up to 6 targets at a time in close range.


Cruci 140-150 (buffs, no banners)

Other things to note:
Using DA debuffs (Rune of Hagarrad, Storm Box of Elgoloth) helps to counter the low OA when Deadly Aim/Inspiration aren’t on, and helps to significantly boost your chances of crits when they are. In the video I was seeing Reaping Arc crits around 311k, but that’s without Elemental Storm for more elemental RR.

This build HATES arcane debuffs - it is so heavily reliant on it’s buffs for survival, the moment you get stripped of your buffs you are in a very tight spot D:

Lowish physical resistance and low armour mean that if you’re caught outside your inquisitor seals and without phoenix / mark of torment, you could be in a perilous position. Always be sure to work with your buffs! ;D

The build is real fun, with massive AOE magic and melee damage, with good survivability.



I just found a nice Fleshwarped Shard today, did a search to see if anyone was using them lately. Most of the builds were pretty old. I’ll certainly give this a try, looks like a lot of fun.

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wouldn’t it be easier to just use a movement rune for DA shred?
kinda confused about the WoP here, it’s not very high pointed despite being an elemental build, and storm box could easily replace it as proccer

what Elemental Storm?
in the GT you don’t have it, you actually don’t have any flat RR at all :thinking:

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Bah, sorry about that - Link updated, thanks for letting me know!

Weirdly, I love WoP as a proccer - I like that I can target the ground and hit everything in the area; it feels very ‘fire and forget’ in a way that storm box doesn’t quite. Storm I have to keep re-targeting enemies as soon as the initial target dies. It feels more comfy to me, but it really just just a personal preference; swapping it out just for Storm Box is, as you say, quite effective on it’s own, and may be preferable to people who don’t like the piano build approach. :slight_smile:

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