[] 2H Melee Fire/Korvan Burning Halberd Templar - SR 85ish

Hi everyone, me again with another melee meme concept. This one may seem more than meme but trust me, it requires some certain MI affixes to balance the stats(like 3x tempest prefix to get %12 OA and overcap elemental resists) and ofc having double-rare weapon helps a lot. Anyway this is not a complete guide, merely a showcase.

Images from the game with perma buffs RF stacks and Elemental Imbalance proc

Belt and Medal crafted with %4 Physique

:damage_fire: GRIMTOOLS :damage_fire:

IEE mods on weapon makes this build reasonable(otherwise why not go for shieldbreaker?) and if you forget about fast speed, celestial kills or high SR pushes this build can be fun.

For more damage you can use Alazra amulet but I really don’t recommend since build already very squishy and I hardly capped cold and lightning resistances without consecration. You can also go for spirit dump.

SR 75-76 Complete run 9 min speedrun with good mutators.

SR 85 Complete run Go 3:25 for Grava, Go 5:15 for Iron Maiden fight

With a few deaths.

PS for Z: Build can use some OA and DA bonus on the IEE mod on the weapon.

Thanks for reading, any commen & feedback is welcome


ford perfect what does it look like on Xbox console controls wise and SCEA console controls wise, since you’d only posted the PC control setup, since the buff setup is not available on neither XBX nor PS4/PS5 game console controller wise etc.

I have no idea sorry.

it’s avail on controller too
go into keybinds, and find the “quickbar switch”, bind it to something/select config 2 when you’re slotting skills on the wheel

am referring to how the permanent buff’s are off the other ones are on its that setup is not available on XBX nor PS console regardless of the generation and all.

the permanent buffs are on hotbar 2
this is how most builds approach hotkeys, they have toggles or perma summons on hotbar 2, and active skills on main hotbar
this is avail on controller too:
controller “config 1”/PC hotbar 1

Controller “config 2”/PC hotbar 2

(no idea why you keep mentioning PS tho since this game isn’t on PS)

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This is similar to an idea I had! Great execution on this one. Looks really solid. I’m forever a Templar fiend lol

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