[] All blue pet build - Vitality skeleton ritualist SR75 and main game content

Not a really serious build, but thought I’d try and put something together using a blue item in every slot. In my experiences, skeleton ritualists, regardless of gear, are pretty much always “meh.” This one manages to be just like the rest, which isn’t meant as a negative comment given it is purposely handicapped… it manages to do ok, pretty good in main game even. Some of these items are probably barely used, thought I’d give them a spin, I mean… spirit cannon? C’mon man! :stuck_out_tongue:

This toon is not a fan of Fabius in SR75, doesn’t effortlessly beat levels or anything, but… if you pick your fights and don’t bite off more than you can chew at once, it really isn’t bad, it manages. But, it is more at home in SR65. Main game content has been lazy easy. There are a lot of sources for flat vitality damage and vitality damage % for the pets, it does manage to do “ok” damage against most types of enemies.

Given the self induced handicap, I’m reasonably happy with how this performs. Damage could use a little boost, could use another few hundred DA, armor, resist overcap, etc… all could be better. :slight_smile: But, that’s the price to be paid for going all blue.

The toon

SR75 - First 3 bosses, easy. Damage against Kubby was a little lazy, but I get there with a little movement.

Example of regular game content, Korvaak. Very easy and lazy.

Anyway, just playing around, numerous areas purples would be instant upgrades…!


You can get 20/12 Undead Legion for the extra summon, probably it should be more valuable then points in Heart of The Wild and 1 point in Rotting Fumes.
Great build!

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Yea, I was looking at the points, you are probably right, better use. I did oringally have 10 skeles, but took those points to max out MoD for DA (under 2600 is no fun in SR). But, I think the extra 3% health isn’t needed, the extra summon will be better. Taking Heart of the Wild to soft cap gets me 3/4 there. I can snatch something from Rotting Fumes or someplace to get to 10 skeles.

Great try.