[] Chaos SoC Pyromancer Burn your enemies with dark flames SR 81

Hello there, this is the first build that i post on the forum, i have been playing GD for 2 years now and personally it is my favorite arpg.

Concept: I always wanted to play a Chaos SoC so i can compare it with the vitality version since the latter is the best supported SoC. Ever since the latest patch with the Chaos SoC FX changes and the introduction of the new 2h ranged Chaos MI i felt like i should give it a try since this weapon looks interesting.
Why should i play this build?
If you like chaos damage.
If you want a beginner friendly build
If you haven’t taken piano classes and you dislike piano builds ( few buttons to press ) .
Updated Grimtools : Pyromancer, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator
Build: Pyromancer, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator 1H bloodsworn scepter with bonewall shield version :
Pyromancer, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator
Decent OA and DA
Decent damage almost 200k damage. ( can be higher for sure depending on the roll of the weapon ).
Crazy damage with 1h bloodsworn scepter and bonewall shield 1.3 million damage.
Able to complete SR 65 and can definitely finish SR 75
Can easily kill bourbon clones and lokkar.
Tanky build.
Korvaak can be a nightmare for this build for some reason but kymon is a breeze.
Energy can sometimes be an issue. ( get of the sea suffix on the medal ).

Damage chart :

Lokkar, bourbon clones, and SR 65 & 75 proof:

SR 81

SR 80 with bloodsworn and bonewall version

Crucible: I don’t play crucible but i think this build should be fairly decent.

Special thanks to @RektbyProtoss for helping me optimize this build, and @Relinfearous for inspiring me to make this chaos build. I hope that you will enjoy it :slight_smile: .


I have made a similar Pyromancer a few weeks ago (since they introduced the new MI Ragnadar), but mostly focus on Demo skills with chaos BWC and Mines- chaos SoC helps with sustain:
my most issue is energy consump,and its really really bad btw, but i have a few ideas thay maybe can improve your build quite a bit:

  1. Devotion: you can try my devo instead, because not taking Kraken with a 2 hand weapon is a big loss. And with my test, Guardian Gaze is better than Bat for sustain (with this i’m not 100% sure, because my build has 100% acid converted to chaos tks to amulet)
  2. Try to fit in Harbringer’s Gasp instead. It has amazing bonus for 2 handed Gun (LOL), and -15% requirement cunning for gun so you can invest more in Physique.
  3. I dont know how you can survie in high SR, but 17% physic res + 1577 armor is really low for a caster. Mine has 31% physic res + 19xx armor, but still got one-shot sometimes in SR 7x. And your cc res is really low too. But since all your equipment is BiS with bonus skills to SoC, i dont know how to fix that probelm properly
  4. Use Darkblaze Sorc amulet. It converts more vitality to chaos (for your Bat if you want to use Bat), nice +1 Occultist skill, more crit dam, and amazing 100% acid conversion to chaos. I dont see how Avatar of Chaos can compete that.
    Hope this help a bit. Now i might try to squezze a little bit mana regen for my Pyro :frowning:
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I actually use armor plate instead of scaled hide i just uploaded the wrong grimtools sorry the armor rating should be 1.7k

Awesome build, didn’t even consider using the 2-handed rifle for Chaos SoC (honestly keep forgetting it exists since it was added fairly recently :sweat_smile:).

Do you mind if I add your build to the list of ones to move onto in my own Sigil Pyro guide? As yours looks like it plays the same, has a similar devotion route and is relatively gear friendly. Clearing Lokarr, SR65 and Bourbon clones also makes it more than capable in my book.


Looks very nice and fun, good job!

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Yes it is fine go ahead


One difference I noticed between his build and yours. The turtle constellation has that damage absorb shield, and he builds off of the flashbang rather than the weapon enchant from Occult. Those two might help mitigate some of the damage he takes in the higher SRs.

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Add Kraken and Hydra: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/m23BEoQN It’s super easy here
More damage and sustain at the same time I would guess

Disclaimer: obsessed with Hydra + Kraken on any 2h ranged and will propose devo with them in every build. Blindly believing it’s better.


What about going with Oblivion spam as well? Lots of flat damage to pass through it…

Thank you for the suggestion i will definitely try hydra and kraken

Update : used hydra, kraken ,and wraith instead of turtle, fiend, and viper the build has overall more damage and better sustain. Highest damage 250K.

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Nothing changed in build is still solid. I went back to my old devotions because it is a bit tankier.

Build Update:

Added SR 75

Took one point from searing light and added it to Ulzuin’s wrath for more lifesteal which made the build even tankier.

13k hp, 1500 armor, 17% phys res. Tanky.

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GT link? Post still shows version.

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GT is not updated yet so any build update is meaningless at this point

@Seekneek It would’ve been helpful if the GT link updates since the first version was placed in the main post instead of us readers digging here in the replies.

GT waiting room ResidentialSleeper

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When you don’t die a single time in sr it means the build is tanky isn’t it ?

You’ve gotta keep in mind the class combo. No pyromancer will ever be tanky compared to other naturally tanky classes. Pyromancer has no innate sources of HP or armor, so you can’t really hold that against the build itself.

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Devotions: Added Guardian of the eye instead of bat and added kraken for more damage. Removed turtle.
Components: changed ring components to bloodied crystals for more armor.
Build overall feels more tanky and deals more damage.