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Hello everyone. I have this character for a while that came out much better then i’ve expected considering it’s a niche build, so i decided to share it here. The build blazes through SR75, and for some reason feels tankier than it should be, considering its ok HP with 12% physical resistance.

Unfortuntely, being a niche one, this build requires a few good rares for maximum potential. Although not everything is a must have; for instance the medal and the rings are not actually “required” to play this. Blue versions of those rings provide a lot more OA for instance, or you can simply use another good couple. I myself, having incredibly unlucky on farming the weapon itself and spent so many hours for it, i happened to got these rings on the way.

For the gear, this build (Cold FW) is enabled by the specified Conduit (Amulet) power. The weapon of choice here is Alkamos’ Scythe. I looked for “Rimefrost” prefix cause it provides Cast Speed but it never dropped for me. This weapon is not an absolute must for Cold Forcewave but if you want to use another weapon, you might as well change Nightblade class. The rest of the gear doesn’t make or break the build but are mostly used for stats and skill points. I wasn’t able to hardcap Forcewave but to reach 24 points, i suggest using the blue boots ; Stonewrought Groundbreakers.

For devotions, you can choice to go Leviathan devotion path instead of Yugol, but i personally found Yugol path a bit better as i’ve been able to get more OA and Cast Speed but this is completely optional.

Charge in with Hardcapped Blitz (i’ve seen up to 500k+ Crits in campaign), attack once with Amarasta’s Blade Burst (it even deals decent damage with this build) then Blast everything with Blue Forcewaves.

Thanks for reading.


Cool build :slight_smile:


How do you rate this build for beginners?
Is it possible to completely close the conversion with the Alkamos weapon and Menhir’s Bastion?

I absolutely don’t recommend this build to beginners. This is a niche, Conduit (amulet) based build that should only be tried by people who already have gear on their stash or who have blueprints to craft the amulet.

Forcewave is normally a Physical skill and this build is only enabled at level 94 with the Amulet. You can however definetely go for a standard Forcewave build which is a staple for beginners.

EDIT: Come to think of it, you can actually fully convert your Global Physical damage to Cold, at least with my weapon affix + 50% from Menhir’s Wall. It could work, but Forcewave won’t be blue without Conduit :smiley:

thx, I saw a lot of green items and thought that the build is just for people like me :smiley:. But the build is really good

Hi! So sorry to slightly necro your post here, but I’m super new and very puzzled by the massive amount of cold damage on your scythe. Like, looking at that Alkamos’ Scythe in grimtools it has 205% and yours is more than triple that. Is there any chance you’d be open to explaining how that works? Again, I am very new, so I apologize if this is an offputtingly simple question and I am missing something obvious.

Hey whats up? It’s because of Affixes Frostborn (rare) of Frostbite (magic). Frostbite is pure high cold damage and Frostborn is medium cold damage + other stats. There is some kind of in-game formula that, when a weapon gets a matching damage type affix, there is some kind of multiplier. So you can get the similiar amount of damage on a fire 2 handed weapon (one-handed weapons cant get this high) with affixes like “Searing” “of Wildifre” etc. And you are much more likely to get matching damage type affix since patch 1.1.7


This was a fun build with the conversions. Beginner friendly it is not. Took 19 amulets before I got the cold forcewave conversion. (RNG was not on my side) Still want the shoulders but in the mean time gonna do a DW chaos conversion for the same class. Rah Zin armor for base. Thank you for the ideas Conlan