[] Conduit of Dreeg - Acid DE Reaper [SR80+]

I’ve been having a lot of fun with this build lately, and I don’t think I have ever seen anything similar here, so here goes. I love exploring the possibilities offered by Conduit of whispers amulets, and sometimes, something pretty good comes out.

Special thanks to @fordprefect, @Gnomish_Inquisition and @Crab_Turtle_2112 for helping me push this build.




(Craft for Slow resist)


Build has few buttons.
Keep Pneumatic burst active, cast Ill Omen to debuff at the start of fights, use the 2 movement skills to reposition and let Drain essence do all the work. As long as you’re hitting something, you’re almost invulnerable.



I’m really bad at crucible. I only tried once and died in wave 167. I have no doubt that it’s possible however.

I will update once I have something to show for.

Shattered realms

Cleared SR80 without dying, so it likely can go further. Iron Maiden and Fabius are the only 2 that give me pause.

Mad Queen

11 seconds flat. Easy fight, facetanked her even through her red needles phase.


So far I only tried Lokar, he was a pushover. I’ll update later if I manage to beat real ones.

That’s it!
Please let me know if you have comments, suggestions or criticism. All are welcome.

Thanks for reading!


Reserved for reasons

I would use Ravenous Earth over Ill Omen: you can reach 21/12 here for more damage reduction. And it should be pretty good to proc devotions.

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I’ve tried both, and RE is more awkward to use, for me at least.

When I use Ill Omen, I am sure to hit whichever big target I aim at. RE is more spray and pray. In both cases, the damage is negligible, and the difference is only 4% DR. You make a good point about devotions, however. I have one devotion bound to my Medal augment skill because I have nothing else reliable.

Another downside is I would have to steal some skill points elsewhere, so there is a tradeoff…

Yes more reaper builds! Tender reaper from @fordprefect is really good, i’m gonna try this one too

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If you do, give me your feedback on it :slight_smile:

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@DeputyChuck did you follow a build guide at all? To get you to a certain point? I looked through the beginner builds and I’m not seeing one for reaper.

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as a side note, PB reaper is probably about one of the easiest leveling approaches
tho i actually thought there was an AA+wps fleshwarped strikes beginner reaper too :thinking:

i made a “bingo card” of which guidse were missing, but a couple have been added since, incl Reaper,
i think witch hunter and sorc are still some of the missing ones?

…after looking it over it seems the missing ones are
Witch Hunter
… archon seem to have been added after that bingo card update

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I leveled this character as a cold Shadow Strike/Bone harvest + AA melee character. No guide.
Though you could probably level it with cold Drain Essence.

Druid Should be pretty easy to level with Primal Strike
Defiler… no clue
Sorcerer/ess Could be either FS or Calidor’s tempest
Witch Hunter: Acid Shadow Strike should work

@Gnomish_Inquisition I appreciate that you found one. Due to the forum having multiple build guide sections, it can be challenging to locate some of these at times. It is what it is. Also, in the future. It would be helpful for other people if you posted a link instead of an image.

I’m not sure a link to what, though.

Are all Beginner’s builds in the same place ?

If not, that would be a good thing to put together :slight_smile:

all beginner/leveling guides should in general be in the same place

(hence why i merely posted a pic, my bad tho)

i think that’s why those guides aren’t covered yet
druid you just use primal strike warder, or trozan warlock etc, and then substitute the part that’s missing, ie make adjustments for arcnist isntead of soldier etc etc since the other parts still fits
likewise sorce would be just be generic demo leveling, bwc+canister or whatever other demo/arcanist fire based starter guide there is avail
witch hunters can basically copy vit pb reaper, or any acid approach, heck even cold ss works because occultist will just be a buff bitch

defiler i think is the tough one, there aren’t many “attractive” end game builds, and it’s so less synergetic during leveling that you almost might just go mono class leveling
a fun potential could ofc be pets, and i think i’ve seen a pet defiler post somewhere, but not in the sense of leveling guide, because you’d likely still just go full necro mainly, and not “proper” hybrid early/mid-game even if the items are there
or no one is interested in doing a detailed leveling diary on that bastard of a class :sweat_smile:

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They aren’t… Both of those take you to different sections with some different guides.

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the pic i posted was literally taken from the beginner guide compendium from your pic

suppose we can try ping @Stupid_Dragon to see if he can/want to post a link for the Beginner build guides Compendium (for AoM + FG expansions) “inside” the beginner builds tab in the FG exclusive compendium section too, if that makes it even easier to find?

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Maybe. You are correct. The second picture I posed is where you found your image. I went to the one in my first picture. If you go inside of that one. I wasn’t able to locate the build.

yep, which is why i at’ed Dragon to see if maybe he’ll include it in the FG exclusive compendium

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