>< Defile Me a River(Imagine Cairn is destroyed by pollution, instead of Aetherials). DW Melee Aether Defiler(No Bonemonger set) SR 85 - Ravager of Minds

Hi everyone, I think I finally made a somewhat tanky and competent Melee Defiler without too unrealistic greens so here it is;

Images from the game with perma buffs and Soul Harvest buff

Helmet crafted with Stun resist, Amulet crafted with Freeze resist.

:damage_aether: GRIMTOOLS :damage_aether:

PS: Grimtools hasn’t updated yet but no change in database affects this build.

Previous version of this build mostly had same gears except pants, boots, amulet and the medal but the devotions were completely different; nevertheless, I wanted to delete old text and create the thread all over again. Also devotions route was completely different. This time I went for usual Spear route for more damage.

  • 2x Dreadfire, 2x Duality Ring, Impurity relic and Korvaak Brand are core of the build for apprent reasons.

  • Wraithborne pants are optional. I choosed it for huge OA bonus. You can use a good reaper pants for more damage.

  • Soulare helm is BiS.

  • Ascended Shoulderguard is BiS, try to get OA and stun resist.

  • Krieg gloves are BiS.

  • Used Wraithwalker boots to hardcap Spectral Binding and get stun resist, but if you do use Reaper pants and happen to get stun resist with it, you can use Krieg boots to get 2piece-%Aether damage bonus.

  • I used Aether RE Conduit of Undying Whispers for it’s vitality>aether conversion and ofc defensive stats.

  • Fateweaver Raiment is used to increase phys resist and to get important resists. Without it, capping resistances would be harder but ofc not impossible.

  • Ygraad belt is BiS for conversion and stats. Try to get slow, freeze or stun resist with it and craft the ones you didn’t get on helmet or amulet. I used Consecrated since it also provides racial damage which is useful againts Reaper.

SR 85 Complete Run (Go: 4:55 for Reaper fight)

SR 75-76 Complete Run

Ravager of Minds Kill

No gear or devotion change maded. I had to use everything I find. It’s a hard fight after second phase.

Thanks for reading, any comment & feedback is welcome


wtf another build by the turkish master? gonna check out this one

True GD end game is making meme builds


Build is updated for

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