[] [GT build] Beast-Set | Acid Retaliation Pet | Conjurer

Pets base retaliation point

20% change of 3200/4800 Acid Retaliation (Pants)
3200/4800 Poison Retaliation over 5 seconds
250 Acid Retaliation (Shield)
796/1194 Acid (Relic)
239 Acid Retaliation (Blood of Dreeg)
585 Acid Retaliation(Briarthorn self)
210 Lightning Retaliation (Storm Spirit )
174 Fire Retaliation (Hellfire)

Compared with the basic retaliation damage of the retaliation build, it is pitiful. so still have half damage from Pets attack, especially for long-range monsters.
and Run Speed very low.

Pets retaliation buff

480/720% (Pants )
300% (Shepherd’s call)
132% (Oak Skin)
128% (Emboldening Presence)
85% (Aspect of Guardian)




I was working with a similar concept a few months ago. I went for fire retaliation on the hellhound using the Dracarris proc. The worst part about it is actually identifying the retaliation damage during combat. There are too many numbers flying around and there isn’t a visual indicator for different types of damage. The build itself was fun to play with but its late game performance wasn’t very good. I gave up on it after dying to Kra’vall and struggling terribly to kill Grava’Thul. This is the build.

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Dracarris retaliation buff really not applicable for summon build, the other problem is your Pets cant good taunt monsters. although we call it retaliation pets, but many damage from normal attack.
as for damage numbers can test single Boss or Nemesis, or just see farm times efficiency.

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another Acid & Bleed Ritualist also post here https://www.grimtools.com/calc/w26G5P0V
already test Calla, no easy but can kill, but will easy to farm SR