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Vid SR 75 - 76

GT Rare item affix base on game. u can farm Malmouse Steelcap store, so easy to get.







Which devotion route is more suited for Celestials and which one - for SR?
Which one do you like more?

all can kill Celestials. I think I like Dying god + Rattosh.
but Mogdrogen + Rattosh also very strong.

any video for celestial run?

is skeleton too squishy?


:+1: :+1:

Nice man, very good build, i should try it sometimes.

The callagandra is really a pain for pet, hard to increase pet physical resist.

Hey there Duskdeep ! i wanted to ask you , what is the purpose of changing the devotions ? and i really want to try your build as i am new to the game although how to know how many skill points to put into which skills ? i mean without the item boosters for some skill. for example , how many points do i put into raise skeletons and so on ?
keep up the good work bud <3

and also , which type of devotion combination should a casual player like me follow ? i am not into that deep of knowledge into the game :slight_smile:

Just different type to choice which one is better.

in GT skill panel,press Ctrl + Shift button will show without item skill point.

Mogdrogen + Rattosh may better for casual player.

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