[] [SSF, HC] Wariat - DW Not so cold Infiltrator - Nemesis Hunter/Dungeon Farmer (SR65+)


It will be short - posting this just to show nice pic of the char and to upload this kind of build to GrimTools - maybe someone (just like me) find it cool to build around.

So here it is - the most important thing:

===== GT Link: Infiltrator, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator ====

Nice Pic for aesthetics and fashion lovers:


Note that this is solo self found char, so not all gear choices are optimal yet. There are some lucky drops in here, so I am not sure it could be easily reproduced - still the concept is quite simple. I’ve conquered SR65 so far:

Further developement of this char will be posted here (if still alive LOL).

Take Care, good luck and stay alive! :vulcan_salute:


Fettan mask from Star Wars& Vulcan salute from Star Trek, perfect combo :ok_hand:


Pushed this now to SR70 with some minor tweaks in gear departament:

Lacking DPS a bit, but overall I think it’s possible to push to SR75… i na a quite comfortable and safe way.

I pushed it to SR75 but it is the limit for this kind of build in HC mode. Too many, too close “calls”.

GT link to the setup in the video:

This journey has come to an end…

Was one-shoted by Zantarin in SR77 boss room… unlucky hit taken, insta -19k life pool drained.

Well, let’s see what I can come with my next char :slight_smile: