[] The Actual Mad Queen - Acid Fire Strike Saboteur - SR75+, Avatar, Ravager

This is melee dual wield saboteur using one of the new-ish conduits to convert elemental and chaos damage on fire strike to acid.

acid sabo stats
With all permanent buffs, lethal assault and abominable might


Gear Explanation
  • Amulet: Has to be the conduit.
  • Helm: Ravager because it’s a point starved, low health, single class rr build so it fits perfectly.
  • Weapons: I chose mad queen claws to convert pierce damage and for the skill mods and proc. No physical conversion on the conduit so I had to play gallstones.
  • Chest: Venomancer has health, physical resistance, stun resistance and good damage on the aura. Conversion helps for the damage that isn’t converted by the conduit.
  • Shoulders: Zantarin needed to cap lethal assault. My affixes aren’t great but I needed the resistances. Venomtongue mantle is the alternative for petrify resist, but lacks other defensive stats.
  • Belt: No other option.
  • Medal: Best in slot for most, if not all, fire strike builds.
  • Gloves: Does any other acid gloves exist?
  • Pants: Flexible slot. Nidalla can be outclassed by good Kuba Chausses Grava Legguards.
  • Boots: Stoneplate with whatever is needed to fix resistances.
  • Rings: Flexible slot, any acid rings with flat damage will do.
  • Relic: Either Deathstalker or Serenity, but the build is so squishy and point starved I couldn’t do without Serenity.
    Greens need ideally at least one “of Amarasta’s Flurry” and one “of the Cabal” suffix.

Aside from the usual acid stuff, Abominable Might is recommened for the flat chaos that is getting converted by the conduit. Another option is to grab Eel instead of Sailor and get Bat instead of Rat.


With 86% lightning resist, Avatar is just a formality.
[] Acid Saboteur vs Mogdrogen - YouTube

Ravager is a lot tougher. Even with full pharma, I had to go 14 points into blast shield and even then it was very close. Double seals of might could do it more comfortably.
[] Acid Saboteur vs Ravager - YouTube

Shattered Realm

Comfortable 65-66 farmer. 75-76 is usually not that easy. I managed to push to 85 but I died a lot. Here’s a clip from SR 76 boss room.
Acid Saboteur SR76 boss room - YouTube

Final thoughts
Although it has decent stats on paper, this build has critical flaws compared to equivalent Dervish / Witch Hunter, namely:

  • Incredibly point starved
  • Single class RR
  • Bad damage mitigation (only 16% damage reduction from Yugol and Blast Shield for absorb)

Despite these flaws, being a Saboteur wielding Mad Queen’s Claws is top meme material and that’s why I rate this build 10/10.

Thanks for reading, all feedback and suggestions are welcome :slight_smile:


Acid Saboteur , my first character when I started playing this game. ( rn I had 3k+ hours)
still remembered getting oneshot a lot

I can’t imagine the suffering of playing this without the amulet :rofl:


Yeah , especially it’s your first character. :rofl: