[] The Meme Sheriff - Fleshwarped Core Aether Cadence Commando - SR 80

Hi everyone, this weapon is in a bit weird place as you all know. Using it on Battlemage without any RR and bypassing Reckless Power is meaningless, ofc it can serve in different uses like leveling item etc, nevertheless I wanted to use it so here my setup. There is also Blade Arc version of it but I found it much more squishy(can’t say damage is much better either) so decided to keep Cadence. Anyway, this isn’t a complete guide, merely a showcase but I believe this build can be created self found since core items are target farmable.

Image from the game with perma buffs and Deadly Momentum on

Amulet crafted with stun resist.

PS: Grimtools hasn’t updated yet but there is no change affecting to this build.

:damage_aether: GRIMTOOLS:damage_aether:

I used a double-rare weapon so damage but if you don’t use GDstash, you should find an Aetherfire Fleshwarped Core of Alacrity atleast by vendor abuse.

SR 75-76 Complete Run

Build is not a fast farmer but reliable. Reaper can create some problems though. If build has more attack speed it would be much better.

SR 80 Complete Run

Reaper is very hard to kill. As you can see I died to it once in chunks and skipped it. Tried 85 but Reaper is literally unkillable there and you die a lot so build can’t do that level.

PS to devs: If %10-15 Attack Speed modifier on Menhir’s Bulwark can be added to the weapon build can do better 75-76. And why not magelord set has no speed at all but supporting CT and Cadence?

Thanks for reading, any comment & feedback is welcome