[] >>Two Cold Spinners!<< DW Cold EoR Dervish and S&B Cold EoR Archon. Both SR 85

Hi everyone; I like to share you my Cold EoR builds with you but I won’t explain details througly so it’s just a showcase. This thread has two sections so go below for Archon.

DW Cold EoR Dervish

Image from the game with perma buffs and PB

PS: Grimtools hasn’t updated yet but there is no change that affect the build.

:damage_cold: :tornado: GRIMTOOLS :tornado::damage_cold:

SR 85 Complete Run (Go 7:40 to see Kuba fight)

SR 75-76 Complete Run (Go 4:30 to see Kuba fight)

S&B Cold EoR Archon

Image from the game with perma buffs

Gloves crafted with freeze resist.

PS: Grimtools hasn’t updated yet but the only changes that affect the build are %100 Cold Damage added to the Eye of the Storm relic and %All Damage on Safeguard.

:damage_cold: :tornado: GRIMTOOLS :tornado::damage_cold:

SR 85 Complete Run

It’s actually 85ish because Kuba is quite hard to kill without very good mutators with this build at this level.

SR 75-76 Complete Run (Go 9:50 to see Kuba fight)


  • Which one is better? - Damage are very close, in fact with equal attack speed Archon is better yet definitely Dervish, since it’s more stable.

  • Why archon on S&B Setup? Because Nightblade lose it’s advantage when you give up from dual wielding. Shaman has Exclusive skill, Raging Tempest points are easier to get and utilization of Maelstrom through lightning>cold conversion. Also I want to use Eye of the Storm relic that just got %Cold damage.

  • Why should I play S&B version? - Actually it just doesn’t add aything more than being an alternative and interesting setup. But having huge health pool is cool.

Feedback for devs on Gravetouch: Normally one can expect that S&B build will have more defense but less offense than a DW build but not in this case. If both had %200 AS S&B version would have more damage… (Not sure about if both setup tried on Dervish since Archon provides good amount damage here with exclusive skill, mogdrogen’s pact and eye of the storm relic.)

  1. When you combine it with Archon you reach absurd health values yes but that shield can use some more defense, like %6-7 physical resistance.

  2. And Blitz points doesn’t make sense here. I think Raging Tempest or Stormcaller’s Pact points fit here better.

  3. More attack speed would be good.

Thanks for reading, any comment & feedback is welcome


It’s nice to see cold EoR builds… good job.

I disagree. It makes sense for Cold Blitz builds. This item is synergistic with other Cold Blitz items and removing the points would make the cold Blitz theme harder to achieve.

Here what you need for cold blitz, Wradlith also provides RR mod on VoS plus CDR. You can also use Markovian for extra WD mod. So no need for Gravetouch.

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Still disagree. Not all builds must have those items. Specifically those greens, which are “neutral” items and not theme oriented… which is what the devs suggest when designing specific cold items for Blitz like Herald of Amatok and Crest of Winter Fortitude. See for example this Blademaster, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator The shield is nicely integrated with the rest of the items in the build.

Replacing points of a Main Skill with a suggested build theme just to increase points of a support skill like Raging Tempest is bad idea. It will slightly enhance a support skill in your particular build and hurt a main skill in other peoples’ builds.

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You have a cool build, combining 3 concept+ Chillspikes but that’s why you have tight skill points and not hardcapped Blitz so can’t say it’s about the theme. But yes ofc not all builds have to use MIs, I’m just making my case about if a build want to focus on Blitz, Gravetouch won’t be it’s first, second, maybe even third shield option. You also provided your data and case so it’s Z’s decision in the end.

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Isn’t it better to use you 3 last devotions point somewhere else instead of Wendigo ?! like Lantern it get the same atk speed but more dmg and Ent res OA+critdmg.

%4 physical resist isn’t nothing and lantern requires 5 devotion points.

…Is there a new patch in the works that I’m not aware of ?

Cool builds BTW :slight_smile:

2 Likes released with only bug fixes or something but somehow some database changes got in with the release so these changes are in the game without logging in with playtest branch but it doesn’t show on grimtools.

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