[] (2H Ranged) The Godhunter - Harbinger Pyromancer [4:40 Crucible] [SR75-76] [All Celestials]

If you know the Hunter’s comin’ then you hide or keep on running
'cause he’d slain the gods before …


It’s been a long while since I touched any kind of Pyro build (after making a spam DB one). Tho in the latest PT Harbinger’s set got some important buffs, allowing to make a build that can be considered the overall best Pyromancer, at least for now.
This is also the second build I killed the most Celestials with, after Spellscourge.




Gear explanation
  • Armor – actually, the best option here;

  • Belt and amulet – to convert acid>chaos and overall bonuses;

  • Pants – for extra LL and resists coverage;

  • Relic – I used Eldritch Pact for more HP and hardcapping Solael’s Witchfire and Possession, tho Plunderer’s Talisman is also a very good choice due to its WPS.

Pros and cons of the build


  • Very solid solo-damage due to DB bonuses and quite strong AA;

  • Very simple build to play – basically only FS with DB nuke.


  • HP pool is not really big, as well as some CC-resists are low.

Average crucible runs are all about 4:40 (with small difference). You can go faster with lucky muts/spawns and Plunderer but I didn’t bother with it.

4:29 run

Shattered Realm


SR75-76 (2)


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Ravager of Minds – for this fight use 150hp/16 DA augs, also can kite until Blast Shield/set proc is up.

Callagadra, Scion of Sands – hit-n-run tactics works well here, but better not get greedy, as Calla can kill you very fast.

Crate of Entertainment – this vid is WR kill during PT, average timer is ~35 sec. For safer kill I recommend using the boots from the vid and 1 Frozen Heart for better cc-resists.

Summary and thoughts

After latest buffs to the Harbinger set, this build got some very needed defense while keeping it’s great offensive potential. It’s definitely strong but not broken as you can still die because of CC or crit, or w/e.

Feel free to download the build, play it and write your impressions and feedback.


Great build !

Just have one question… Is that DPS from screenshot with crucible buffs? Or in normal mode?
Either way looks gorgeous :heart_eyes:

dps shown is with BoD, DG and Abom active

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