[] Chronomancer - Slow-Stacking Elemental Deceiver - Cr 170

GrimTools : https://www.grimtools.com/calc/xZyBllmN

I was revisiting an older concept, and wanted to rebuild a Chronomancer. I’d been looking into builds that might be successful Kiters, so I tried this one out. It’s not bad :smiley:

The primary goal was to deliver stacking speed debuffs to enemies, then balance out the build with damage and survivability.

Stacking Debuffs

  • -60% Total Speed on Word of Pain (2x -30% from Temporal Tempest daggers)
  • -30% Total Speed from Rune Trap (necklace proc)
  • 70% Slow Target from Temporal Shift (dagger AOE proc), or 40% slow target from Lightning Tether
  • -50% Movement Speed from Curse of Frailty
  • -33% Movement Speed from Necrosis
  • -36% Movement Speed from Eldritch Fire
  • -25% attack/cast speed from Aether Corruption

With all/max debuffs up, this gives about -279% movement speed to enemies, and -185% Attack/Cast speed to enemies. This is calculated as: 90% total speed + 70% Slow Target as a base (160%), then +119% movement speed and +25% attack/cast speed.

I’m not actually sure if I’ve fully understood how these debuffs stack, but I’m using the same logic as to how resistance reduction stacks to calculate it.


Note: It is possible to get an additional -10% total speed to Word of Pain using a different medal, but I needed something to allow dual-wielding melee, and wanted to save my relic and belt slots for other things.

Tbh, the damage was much better than I expected, because of great damage conversions, and a lot of persistent forms of damage that continue even while kiting.

Here’s a summary of the build:

Damage Conversions of Note:

  • 50-60% vitality damage converted to Lightning, allowing for AOE healing from Wendigo’s Mark and better healing from Vampire Fangs
  • ~100% Aether damage converted to Lightning for great damage from Arcane Currents

DoTs / persistent damages include:

  • Word of Pain
  • Arcane Currents
  • Wendigo’s Mark
  • Aether Corruption
  • Elemental Storm
  • Necrosis
  • Eldritch Fire
  • Lightning Tether
  • Aura of Censure


  • High DA (3400)
  • High Inquisitor Seal (336 damage absorption)
  • Horn of Gandarr 20% reduced damage to enemies
  • High CC makes kiting viable


  • Low HP
  • No % damage absorption
  • Limited sources of healing, making it susceptible to spike damage
  • Low OA
  • Limited CC resists
  • No movement rune (nowhere to put it on the skillbar)



it’s not additive, % is actual % so it does a reduction based off targets current speed (like viper RR works)
any -x% would be type A and come first, you don’t get total speed, %reduct, and additional -x% afterwards, regular debuff order as usual A: -x%, B: %reduced, C: n’th reduced

might also be worth to note slow res works as a direct % reduct on slow debuff effects, so -200% slow debuff gets reduced to -20% effect by bosses with 90% slow res

cool concept tho, i’m sure it would make Crates little boxes come to a crawl since they have 0 slow res :grin:


Ah I see, good to know. So the -90%, then you’d get another “70%” reduced of the remaining 10%… so, totalling at 97% “base” slow to enemies with those buffs up, is that correct?

And yes, I was aware that nemesis’ would be resistant to the debuffs. But I figured even a 20% decrease to their speed means in many cases ~ 20% less damage, and turns some of the bosses from “unkitable” to “Kitable”, where yuo can comfortably side-step their melee attacks and the like :smiley:

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Also worth noting - there are two other stacking sources of Total Speed reduction (Veil of Shadow, and the proc from a vitality hammer… :open_mouth: )

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yes (assuming 0 slow res there ofc)

not just nemesis, but your regular purple joe schmo boss too

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Damn you Joe Schmo.


Slow debuff got a cap. That’s what I remember, value idk.

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