[] Cold DW Reaper

There’s already a recent version of the build by Willnoword and I have some disagreement with the build choices so I’m just posting my variation. This can solo Ravager without pharma:
[Grim Dawn] Cold DW Reaper vs Ravager w/ bad greens - YouTube using poor green items.

Here’s the poverty version that killed Ravager: Reaper, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator
Here’s a version that uses better affixes for more damage: Reaper, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator (this kills Ravager within 2 minutes)

The main crime that this build commit is that it’s a cold build without Blizzard celestial power. There might be a slight variation of the constellation to include that, but I’m not big brained enough to figure out how.

Some explanation behind the decisions used in the build:

Morgoneth set
This is a very nice set for Reaper and it gets a plus for being target farmable, although not because of the Shadow Strike bonus (those are quite poor) but because the Ill Omen buffs more or less completes Reaper as a class combo - otherwise all the nice damage that you get as Reaper gets negated easily by any cold resist mob. It also allows us to overcap Ill Omen, which nets us a sweet 30% damage reduction. The set has plenty of downsides such as a lack of physical resist, that it occupies the gloves slot (mythical Dreadchill grasp would have been gold) and the gloves have no attack speed but we can’t have everything.

Spectral Battleaxe vs Dreadblade*
I prefer SB always because past 500 flat weapon damage the 120% weapon damage bonus is better than the 80% weapon damage bonus + 140 flat:
1.33 (Beronath’s Fury) * 500 (weapon damage) * 1.2 (BAxe) = 798
1.33 * 500 * 0.8 (Dreadblade) + 140 = 672
You can adjust these by the actual proc chances but since they are very close I’m omitting them. The point is that Dreadblade will start out better but becomes worse comes late game. For reference, the above poverty build has 525 average cold weapon damage and the rich version has 565. For glass cannon variation (like Reaper, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator) you can reach 750 damage.
There are also other advantages to the battle axe: it has a very nice leech bonus, the skill bonus is spread around instead of focusing on Execution so your damage and leech are much more consistent, the skill bonus is more AOE focused too. Oh, and you can buy the Battleaxe in a shop. Dreadblade is a great weapon for non Reaper Nightblade builds though.

The blue constellation (instead of going for Yugol) a lot in fixing Reaper’s mediocre OA and health. I’ve tried different Nightblade variations with Yugol but running around with 12-13K always felt sketchy. This is definitely a personal taste, I’ve seen people played comfortably with 10K health, but being a poor pilot I often feel the need to wear the seat belt.

Is this build beginner friendly?
In a way … yes, but no. The “yes” comes from the fact that most gears are target farmable. The “no” comes from the fact that farming Morgoneth’s set as Reaper using budget gear is a pain.


Nice build - I had theorycrafted a budget (pre Morgo-set) Reaper using the axes (because of the 3 WPS 200+% weapon damage reason you mentioned) - but will likely never really level it up - Reaper, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator (my theorycrafts always uses some ideal affixes - to see the build potential)

Lol if we’re talking about theorycrafting, you can get all 4 WPS up to that level with Korvan helm: Reaper, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

Gears are pretty much impossible and it’s also squishy so it’s not that good.

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I was satisfied with 76% WPS with 200%+ - no need to be a complete mégalomane :wink:

Great build! I found a Magi Mantle of Amarasta’s flurry rotting in my stash and tested a variation Reaper, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator yesterday based on your more dmg/no Morgo set setup. I used malka bcos I have a really nice one and it worked pretty well. Held up nicely in crucible and bursts bosses pretty fast(except Kuba) I also did SR 80 till 82 not much probs with nemesis(I didn’t meet Grava) Kubacabra was killable even with resistant mutator but took some time(I killed him 3 times). If he has regenerating+less dmg/some other bad modifiers he can become immortal I think. My devo path is maybe not optimal cos leviathan doesn’t particulary buff melee and isn’t too great (Just giving it some extra buff like fumble/impaired aim or - reduced freeze duration like mageslayer would make it so much more interesting).

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Also I was able to kill Ravager with this setup but not full facetank since he can oneshot if eye debuff and MoT is on cooldown. It took around two and a half min I think since Prismatic gaze procced twice. Can go faster if it was full facetank(I am bad at timing Aether cluster) or ditch crit for defense but I’m too lazy to change setup just for Ravager.

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I save MoT for when he uses Ravager’s Presence (RP) to reduce my resist. Since both his RP and MoT have the same cooldown (20s) there usually isn’t any cooldown problem.

Thanks for posting this build.
Can the axes be bought from vendors? I vaguely remember one of them who sells spectral swords/axes or something like that.

You can buy this in the last level of Steps of Torment. You can reset this shop by walking to the previous level, wait 15s, reenter this level and check the shop (make sure to do this with a favorable layout spawn where you get a clear path from the entrance to the shop)