[] Conjurer 106 Physical Resist. Full game content. Callagadra, Ravager, Avatar, Crate of Entertainment, Lokarr, Bourbon clones, Mad Queen, 90SR (no deaths) and 150-170 crucible

Hello everyone. I decided to return to Grim in this patch and build a conjurer with a high value of physical resistance. In GT, there is 95% physical resistance, but 106% gathered in the game, which is a good indicator, since a huge number of enemies reduce our resistance and it is necessary to have a reserve. The build performed well, but to be honest, I would like more damage. But that didn’t stop me from closing full game content. Since the build turned out to be quite strong, you can safely use the GI functions to speed up the game. The results can be seen in the video below.
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GT: Conjurer, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator




Crate of Entertainment


Bourbon clones

90 SR (no no deaths)


Mad queen


Awesome build!

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