[] Death Squad | TEMPEST | High Regen Primal Strike Druid - Crucible 150, SR 75

Really great build. I just played it starting from nothing as my first char ever from level 1. It’s been really great, i did 2h melee the whole time. As soon as I got primal strike i started owning. I played with a pistol dual wielding necro and we synergize great. this build will synergize with almost anything i imagine. Now i’m level 96. I have some really great 2h ranged weapons for level 94, but I have only ~300 cunning. How are you getting so much cunning up to 500? I don’t see any on your gear.

Do you have a suggestion for someone who has the base game and cant get quill? Thanks

This doesn’t match the grimtools in the OP which has Ghoul in it, is the spread you’ve posted here better than the one you started with?

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