[] Death Squad | TEMPEST | High Regen Primal Strike Druid - Crucible 150, SR 75

GrimTools Link: Druid, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

Equipped with power armour and a storm cannon, Tempest brings wide-reaching AOE lightning and electrocute damage across the battlefield. She has a number of powerful failsafes and shields to keep her very calm in the face of huge adversity.

This build is specifically designed to be used in conjunction with the other Death Squad builds but can also function well as a solo build.

Solo Perks of Note:

  • Incredibly stable playstyle: With a regen of over 4k, 15% lifesteal, 23% + 168 damage absorption, Wendigo Totem and Mirror of Eroectes as a panic button, this build can comfortable withstand the storms of battle.

  • Piercing Primal Strike: 50% chance of passing through enemies on an AOE-inflicting ranged attack makes for massive, widespread damage. A single shot can echo through an enemy squad obliterating them all. This also plays nicely with lifesteal from each shot when fighting against crowds.

Squad Goalz

Where this build sits in comparison to the other Death Squad builds:


Tempest brings the most OA % and Crit Damage buffs to the team, while also bringing mild regen bonuses, lifesteal, and a decent HP buff.

Offensive Buffs:

  • OA: 12% + 181
  • Crit Damage: +29%

Defensive Buffs:

  • Health: 26%
  • Flat DA: 70
  • Regen: +33% + 76
  • Lifesteal: +6%

Healing Ability:
Wendigo Totem



I will try this build out. It looks fun. I’m very new to this game, so here’s to hoping it will work decently without all the fancy high gear :smiley:

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@WyreZ, what exactly is the benefit of picking arcanist as the second class? some additional auras?

I’m currently lvl 26 and have only put points in shaman, and looking at the skills in the arcanist tree it doesn’t tempt that much?

What am I missing? :slight_smile:

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Crit damage, damage absorption and LOTS of OA

Elemental exchange is also an aura that’s shared with team members


Yes, as @DeputyChuck mentioned, it has lots of OA and crit damage, additional elemental damage and the added damage absorption (maiven’s sphere) and panic button (mirror of ereoctes) boost survivability a lot, too :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the feedback, all! :slight_smile:

Also, so far: wow, what a fun class. Clearing speed is awesome! Lightning everywhere :smiley:

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Everything is nice and dancy except 1 part, I might be dumb but the Vortex gun converts half lightning to aether so… it doesn’t go to waste or what. Still beefy damage right there, I suppose but that part still is unclear to me. :confused:


%aether damage is nearly as high as lightning, so it doesn’t change much except RR.

However, since we’re also converting Aether to lightning, it might be beneficial to go put some points into fabric of reality for some flat aether and %Aether

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You’re correct! It is a downside of using this weapon with this build. So, damage conversion can only happen once. This build has 100% aether damage converted to lightning, and 50% lightning damage converted to aether. How does this play out practically?

Anything that has flat aether damage, gets converted fully to lightning damage. Anything that gives or has flat lightning damage gets 50% converted to aether. In the case of Primal Strike, most of the damage comes from the weapon damage itself: 343% on PS, -100% from Thunderous Strike modifier, + 40% from torrent. So, 283% damage. The weapon’s base damage is aether damage, so it gets converted 100% to lightning. Then, the Primal Strike damage itself has 365 phys and 356 base lightning. 50% of the base lightning gets converted to aether, so the other 50% of it remains as lightning. I think this build only has 15% physical damage conversion to lightning, so most of the phys damage is also not really prevalent in the attacks. Torrent also gives a bunch of flat lightning damage, 50% of it is converted to aether, same with Storm Surge. Dot damage cannot be converted to aether, so the electrocute damage on Storm Surge stays as it is.

So, most of the damage comes from weapon damage which is 100% lightning at this point due to conversions, but there is a bunch of potential damage that is lost to lack of conversion, or converted away from lightning damage in this build. As @DeputyChuck mentioned, Fabric of Reality gives more aether flat damage, all of which would convert to lightning damage. But, the build is already a bit shy on skill points. :slight_smile:

The build is clearly not perfectly tweaked for damage, but I figured I got the build to a good balance of decent damage and great survivability, and most importantly, could be played solo or synergise well with the team it was designed for. So I called it a day and moved onto the next build :wink:


Glad you’re enjoying it!!

If i’m not mistaken, Torrent is a separate attack, so that damage is not flat that’s added to the main hit, but the total of what’s dealt to the additional targets

it basically is added to the main hit though, right? Primal strike hits, then torrent is triggered and hits. The flat damage (versus percentage damage or weapon attack damage) of Torrent hits the primary target and then expands out to surrounding targets, doesn’t it? Dealing the flat damage + the 40% weapon damage to the main target and to surrounding targets?

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Yeah it does.

Just pointing out for any new players reading this that this “flat damage” isn’t like flat damage multiplied by the main skills %weapon damage. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Gotcha, ty :slight_smile:

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Hi all.

I just realised that I’m lvl 46 and haven’t used up any devotion points… Derp.

So I thought I’d get started with that, but when looking at the grimtools link I can’t figgure out how to do what you’ve done in the build @WyreZ

You haven’t chosen a single one in the center/starter constellation? How then could you pick other constellation?

You can respec them at Spirit Guide. For example you get 1 Yellow Crossroad to unlock Lion then you get Lion that gives you 3 Yellows and then you can respec out of this Yellow Crossroad because you’re not dependent on it.

Later you may need to borrow whole constellations not only Crossroads for their Affinity bonuses like that temporarily to progress your devotion.

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Oh shit I didn’t know you could respec devotion points as well. Damn… Thanks :slight_smile:

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Ye. So. Start like this:

Then, add Kraken, Alladrah’s Phoenix and Widow:

Then, Hydra, Behemoth and Harvestman’s Scythe:

Then, remove Quill and all crossroads nodes. Put the points that you get back into Rhowan’s crown (3 points) and into Ultos (5 points).

Then you should have the devotions set up :slight_smile:


Damn, thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

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No worries :slight_smile: