[] DEATH SQUAD :: Four synergistic ranged builds with a tonne of damage and stability. Built for teams of 2-4 players

Poster by @WeaponZero

From left to right: Tempest, Lifetaker, Lifegiver, Tox

These Death Squad builds were designed for some synergistic fun, with a focus on team buffs and synergy in terms of survivability and damage boosting, without trying to match their damage types or resistance reductions. Each build is designed to be playable solo, or up to four players - Any pairing of any two builds will synergise well, but the full four-person team together is a sight to behold!! (video is here!)

Quick disclaimer
These builds are intended as fun, themed builds that pack serious punch when huddled together, but they lack the defensive capabilities for deep SR. They can comfortably clear SR95 without breaking a sweat, but 100+ becomes a challenge for this team. However, they are incredibly fun to play as a group!

There are individual writeups for each build, so this post is a central gateway to those, and also to discuss the overall team makeup and benefits, or unique pairings when playing with 2 players instead of the full team.

Common traits across each build:

  • They each bring unique and stacking %OA + flat OA, and crit damage buffs to the team.
  • 3 out of 4 of them are built to benefit from regeneration buffs (I went for 4/4, but the last build, while did have better regen synergy, didn’t have nearly the same damage or damage boosting capabilities as Lifetaker now does)
  • 3 out of 4 of them have panic buttons for longevity and higher chances of mission success (Lifegiver doesn’t need one…)

Benefits of playing them in the team

  • Each build will have over 4k OA and high crit damage.
  • 3/4 builds will have between 3k-7k regen
  • Each build will have around 3400 DA
  • 3/4 builds will have 50-60% physical resistance
  • All builds will have between 18-32k HP
**Edit:** Tox got up to 5500 OA when fully buffed in the team. Click here to view screenshot...

The Death Squad

SR 95, full team:

Video put together by @WeaponZero

LIFEGIVER: Physical Damage Akimbo Pistols Tanky Support Tactician

Regen Provider and Omni-Buffer

Alpha and Omega, Lifegiver provides safe haven for all who she travels with. However, her warmth is matched only by her wrath; A quick shot ranged heal-tank, with plenty of health, a tonne of team buffs and can handle herself. Lifegiver is one of the two primary regeneration providers in the squad.

Panic Button: Not required.

Tactician, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator


Full Writeup and Video Here: [] Death Squad | LIFEGIVER | Physical Damage Akimbo Pistols Tanky Support Tactician - Crucible 150, Sr75

TOX: High Acid Damage Akimbo Pistols Support Sentinel

Regen Provider and OA/Crit Buffer

A surprisingly high damage pistols build, designed to bring great damage-boosting buffs and regen bonuses to a team. TOX provides 8% +365 OA, and +15% crit damage to the team, 14% phys res and regen bonuses. With her buffs she significantly boosts the damage output and stability of the team.

**Panic Button: ** Ascension

Sentinel, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

Full Writeup and Video Here: [] Death Squad | TOX | High Acid Damage Akimbo Pistols Support Sentinel - Crucible 150, Sr75

LIFETAKER: High Vitality Damage Akimbo Pistols Defiler

Massive Damage Dealer and OA/Crit Buffer

Lifetaker is the HIGH DAMAGE of the team, bringing nearly 38k weapon damage with all buffs up, good RR, attack speed, and 100% chance to proc WIPS between Volley, Burning Void x2, Reaping Strike and Necrotic Edge. She also brings 8% + 149 OA, 10% total speed and 18% crit damage to the team, helping to boost the team’s damage output.

Panic Button: Mark of Torment

Defiler, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator


Full Writeup and Video Here: [] Death Squad | LIFETAKER | High Vitality Damage Akimbo Pistols Defiler - Crucible 150, Sr75

TEMPEST: Tanky / High Regen Primal Strike Druid


Equipped with power armour and a storm cannon, Tempest brings wide-reaching AOE lightning and electrocute damage across the battlefield. She has a number of powerful failsafes and shields to keep her very calm in the face of huge adversity. With a regen of over 4k, 15% lifesteal, 23% + 168 damage absorption, Wendigo Totem and Mirror of Eroectes as a panic button, this build can comfortable withstand the storms of battle.

Panic Button: Mirror of Ereoctes
Additional Failsafes:

  • Arcane Will provides +325% regen and 254 DA when triggered, and lasts for 10 seconds.
  • Ghoulish Hunger provides 80% additional life leech and 18% physical resistance at 45% hp.

Druid, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator


Full Writeup and Video Here: [] Death Squad | TEMPEST | High Regen Primal Strike Druid - Crucible 150, SR 75

Collective Team Buff Results:

The buffs below are a cumulative total of the buffs that the full 4-man team provides. Different builds will benefit more from some of them than others. For example, Tempest has a tonne of self-regeneration % buffs. When paired with the additional ~170%+948 regen from the buffs (she contributes about 30% to the 202% listed below), her regen which already sits at around 4.1k with all buffs up will get massively enhanced into the 6-7k mark.

Offensive Buffs: With all buffs combined, here are the total boosts to offensive skills.

OA: 32% + 1100 flat
Crit Damage: 74%
Reduced Enemy DA: 260
% All Damage: 299%
Attack Speed: 22%
Total Speed: 20%

Defensive Buffs: With all buffs combined, here are the total boosts to defensive skills.
Armor: 29%
Health: 52% + 640
DA Flat: 637
Physical Resist: 29%
Damage Absorption: 230
Regen: 202% + 948
Healing Increase: 22%
Damage Reduction to Enemies: 25%
Lifesteal to Allies: 6%
Lifeleech RR to Enemies: -8%
Fumble/Impaired Aim: 22%

Healing Abilities:
Wendigo Totem (4%+380/s)
Word of Renewal (18%+850)
Apothecary’s Touch (14% +900)
Empyrion’s Touch (5%+750)
Healing Rain (10%+700)
Blood of Dreeg (30%)

Recommended Duo Combinations:

While every pairing within four builds will benefit both players greatly in a duo, there are some clear/specific synergies that are encouraged:

THE IMMORTALS: Tempest and Lifegiver

Stability Synergy:
Tempest has massive self % regen bonuses, and so Lifegiver’s flat regen gets amplified 5 fold. Lifegiver’s reduction to enemy damage, inquisitor seals and physical resistance buffs, combined with Tempest’s Wendigo Totem and health buffs makes this team incredibly sturdy. Lifegiver tanks, and Tempest brings the AOE damage that Lifegiver lacks.

THE ANNIHILATORS: Tox and Lifetaker

Offensive Synergy:
“A strong offense is a good defense” is the motto of this duo. This is the pairing of the two top DPS builds. Tox and Lifetaker each bring separate, big OA buffs. Our strongest DPS build Lifetaker gets the benefit of another -50% vitality RR thanks to Tox’ RR debuffs, alongside the OA and crit buffs provided by Tox. The combined OA buffs of both will ensure an incredibly damage output of this duo. Good for speed runs and living ‘on the edge’.


Critical Hit/OA Synergy, Regeneration Synergy
This duo pairs the two highest crit rate and OA buffing builds together. If you like seeing big red numbers all over the screen, this is the one for you. Tox’s flat regen and % regen boost will strongly benefit Tempest’s tankiness. Tempest brings stability to the team with health buffs, additional non-regen healing (wendigo totem).

HARMONY: Lifegiver with either Tox or Lifetaker

Harmony Synergy
Lifegiver paired with Tox or Lifetaker will be a ‘harmony’ synergy, with Lifegiver bringing much, much stability to the team, and Tox or Lifetaker bringing the big damage and buffing Lifegiver’s damage output as well. Lifegiver can also taunt often to pull the pressure away from our squishier damage dealers, allowing for more sustained damage.

Special thanks go to @WeaponZero for the amazing poster and videography, and to @WeaponZero, @Skelemental and @desioner for piloting the builds in the SR 95 video!

Enjoy ^_^!


It was a literal blast to pilot Lifetaker. Big damage and from that run, she capped at 2.8+ million damage! She can solo farm SR75, albeit with some dodging and kiting, since she is quite squishy without the synergized buffs of her teammates, but definitely playable! Thanks again! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Hot damn, I didn’t realise she got to 2.8m :smiley:

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Hopefully you find someone soon that can pilot worth a damn for your support…! (and with acceptable lag :slight_smile: )

Neat builds, its fun to see optimized multiplayer builds though I play solo only. Quick question on Tox, is it worth it to cast DEE every 4 sec when you can just bind Tainted eruption to Smite or something ? You already have other sources of dmg reduction such as Yugul devotion or War cry on Lifegiver and it does not stack AFAIK.

It’s a good question tbh! I like having a bit more control over when it procs (like waiting for the right moment trigger it) even though it doesn’t have a 100% chance to. But you’re right, and perhaps the skill points are better used elsewhere :slight_smile:

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Haha! The piloting was great! The lag issues are certainly not your fault either. We’re happy to have you :smiley:

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