[] Death Squad | LIFETAKER | High Vitality Damage Akimbo Pistols Defiler - Crucible 150, Sr75

Grimtools Link: Defiler, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

A fast-paced, high DPS pistoleer with piercing-through and AOE attacks coupled with splintering Brimstone attacks. Lifetaker has big conversions to Vitality damage (from aether, elemental) and constant AOE lifesteal.

This build is specifically designed to be used in conjunction with the other Death Squad builds but can also function well as a solo build.

Solo Perks of Note:

  • Lifesteal and AOE Lifesteal: Ill Omen spreads Wendigo’s Mark across the battlefield like wildfire, bringing a constant source of healing to Lifetaker. Damage-converted ulzuin’s Wrath also keeps a constant AOE life-leech throughout fights
  • Extra Shielding: Mark of Torment acts as a failsafe whenever you need a few seconds of safety to finish off a fight. And a few seconds is typically all Lifetaker needs…
  • Massive Damage: Nearly 38k weapon damage with all buffs up, good RR, attack speed, and 100% chance to proc WIPS between Volley, Burning Void x2, Reaping Strike and Necrotic Edge

Squad Goalz

Where this build sits in comparison to the other Death Squad builds:

LIFETAKER is the highest damaging member of the team. She is not as supportive as the other builds, and doesn’t synergise as well with things like regeneration - but she brings significant OA, crit damage and speed buffs, and her damage is SIGNIFICANTLY AMPLIFIED when fighting within the squad. She also brings some helpful debuffs - The second highest damage reduction, life-leech resistance reduction to boost overall team healing, and fumble/impaired aim to reduce incoming damage.

Offensive Buffs:

  • OA: 8% + 149
  • Crit Damage: 18%
  • Reduced Enemy DA: 130
  • Total Speed: 10%

Defensive Buffs

  • DA Flat: 153
  • Damage Reduction to Enemies: 22%
  • Lifeleech RR to Enemies: -8%
  • Fumble/Impaired Aim: 22%

Hello, how are you? I’m sorry, but how to use two pistols?

(Sorry for the english)

Hi! :slight_smile:
The relic Plunderer’s Talisman lets you dual-wield.

Wow, thanks man :grinning:

Np! Have fun :smiley:

I have average knowledge of English. Could you send me pictures of how to distribute star points, I play skills for two guns. My classes are Demolitionist + Necromancer

I’m too new to the game to have a good grasp on the nuances, but why did you not take Searing Strike? It is just one point and I see no downsides to it.

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Searing Strike is for 1-handed melee only. Doesn’t work with pistols unfortunately.

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Good lord. I only looked at Searing Might and then just glanced at Searing Strike.

So obvious!

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Heya! Sorry for the delay.

Start with this:

Add these four:

Add Jackal, then Revenant. Then remove Jackal.

Add Dying God and remove Lotus:

Add the remaining points into Rattosh, the Veilwarden:

how i can play this build in early game from lvl 1 to 50


This build is dependent on high level gear for it to function as intended. However, you could very comfortably use a ranged build early on using necromancer/demolitionist.

Early on in the build I would recommend putting a few points into Reaping Strike, just a few in Fire Strike, and a bunch into Explosive Strike. Reaping Strike will heal you and deal decent damage, and procs more often at higher ranks. Explosive Strike makes your shots deal AOE, which will be important for clearing groups.

Then, I would recommend focusing on a few points into Vindictive Flame, and then build into Ulzuin’s Wrath early on. Ulzuin’s Wrath will help to keep you alive as it lifesteals from every target it hits, and reduces their incoming damage.

Put a single point into Ill Omen when you can, as that will cause most trash mob enemies to be Confused, and it will spread through the enemy ranks.

Then naturally start including the other buffs from there.

Thanks for ur replay and sorry for late response

i get lucky with minions items so i will level up with them

it should be enough to finish the normal mode then switch i think

also thanks for the info for demolitionist early skills

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Hi.Is this build still viable in

Hi :slight_smile: Yeah, it should be.