[] Death Squad | TOX | High Acid Damage Akimbo Pistols Support Sentinel - Crucible 150, Sr75

Grimtools Link: Sentinel, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

A surprisingly high damage pistols build, designed to bring great damage-boosting buffs and regen bonuses to a team.

This build is specifically designed to be used in conjunction with the other Death Squad builds but can also function well as a solo build.

Solo Perks of Note:

  • High Damage: Very high OA and decent weapon attack damage, combined with pierce-through Smite shots or AOE Burning Void shots make for short work in group fights. The poison damage isn’t ‘massive’ (this is not a DoT Build), but the additional ~100-200k damage per second helps to make group fights feel very smoothe.
  • Moderate Tankiness: % damage absorption from Possession stacking with Black Blood of Yugol’s 16% reduced damage to enemies, and the flat damage absorption of Ascension when required, makes for a significant boost in tankiness despite the overall low physical resistance and DA of this build.

Squad Goalz

Where this build sits in comparison to the other Death Squad builds:

TOX brings a mix of big buffs and big damage. OA and Crit damage buffs, combined with healing increase, health, regen, physical resistance make Tox a pleasure to have in the squad.

Offensive Buffs:

  • OA %: 8% + 365
  • Crit Damage: 15%
  • Attack Speed: 8%
  • Reduces unique sources of stacking resistance reduction for Vitality (-50%), Physical(15%) and Elemental(-25%) damage types, boosting the damage of the team.

Defensive Buffs

  • Health: 26%
  • DA Flat: 40
  • Phys Resist: 14%
  • Regen: 60% + 332
  • Healing Increase: 22%
  • Damage Reduction to Enemies: 16%

Healing Ability:
Blood of Dreeg


seems you copied the description from other build here.

Ahh so I did! Thanks for that, just updated :slight_smile: