[] Death Squad | LIFEGIVER | Physical Damage Akimbo Pistols Tanky Support Tactician - Crucible 150, Sr75

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Alpha and Omega, Lifegiver provides safe haven for all who she travels with. However, her warmth is matched only by her wrath; A quick shot ranged heal-tank, with plenty of health, a tonne of team buffs and can handle herself.

This build is specifically designed to be used in conjunction with the other Death Squad builds but can also function well as a solo build.

Solo Perks of Note:

  • Incredible Sustain: due to very high hp, high regen, lifesteal, damage absorption and damage reduction to enemies.
  • Disrupter: 7 second skill disruption to enemies is great for preventing those pesky healers!
  • Taunt: Low cooldown war cry to keep debuffs up with 100% uptime.

Squad Goalz

Where this build sits in comparison to the other Death Squad builds:

LIFEGIVER is the closest thing to a ‘full support’ or a ‘full tank’ within the Death Squad. She brings a tonne of OA/DA buffs, regen, healing, damage absorption, physical resistance and some additional damage.

Offensive Buffs:

  • OA: 4% + 405
  • Crit Damage: 12%
  • Reduced Enemy DA: 250
  • All Damage: 299%
  • Attack Speed: 14%
  • Total Speed: 10%

Defensive Buffs

  • Health Flat: 640
  • DA Flat: 374
  • Phys Resist: 15%
  • Damage Absorption: 230
  • Regen: 109% + 540

Healing Abilities:
Apothecary’s Touch, Empyrion’s Touch, Healing Rain, Word of Renewal


Amazing build, having lots of fun with it

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