[] Death Squad | LIFEGIVER | Physical Damage Akimbo Pistols Tanky Support Tactician - Crucible 150, Sr75

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Alpha and Omega, Lifegiver provides safe haven for all who she travels with. However, her warmth is matched only by her wrath; A quick shot ranged heal-tank, with plenty of health, a tonne of team buffs and can handle herself.

This build is specifically designed to be used in conjunction with the other Death Squad builds but can also function well as a solo build.

Solo Perks of Note:

  • Incredible Sustain: due to very high hp, high regen, lifesteal, damage absorption and damage reduction to enemies.
  • Disrupter: 7 second skill disruption to enemies is great for preventing those pesky healers!
  • Taunt: Low cooldown war cry to keep debuffs up with 100% uptime.

Squad Goalz

Where this build sits in comparison to the other Death Squad builds:

LIFEGIVER is the closest thing to a ‘full support’ or a ‘full tank’ within the Death Squad. She brings a tonne of OA/DA buffs, regen, healing, damage absorption, physical resistance and some additional damage.

Offensive Buffs:

  • OA: 4% + 405
  • Crit Damage: 12%
  • Reduced Enemy DA: 250
  • All Damage: 299%
  • Attack Speed: 14%
  • Total Speed: 10%

Defensive Buffs

  • Health Flat: 640
  • DA Flat: 374
  • Phys Resist: 15%
  • Damage Absorption: 230
  • Regen: 109% + 540

Healing Abilities:
Apothecary’s Touch, Empyrion’s Touch, Healing Rain, Word of Renewal


Amazing build, having lots of fun with it

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So I’m working on a very similar build on xbox and had a few questions as I’m fairly new to grim dawn. Firstly why so many points in storm spread but none in markovian advantage or chilling rounds? The freeze vs mobs and reduction to defensive ability both seem like they would contribute well to a support role compared to storm spread unless I’m missing something. Why use the wolverine devotion? It looks like completing Ulzad+hammer or throne+crossroads would do more since this isn’t really retaliation focused. Or is the % defensive ability from wolverine a lot better than the other bonuses?