[] Deceiver. Full game content. 100 SR(no deaths). 150-170 crucible extra spawn without buffs and banners. Callagadra, Ravager, Avatar, Crate of Entertainment, Lokarr, Bourbon clones, Mad Queen

Hello everyone. I want to show another build on Radaggan’s Folly. This time I used a combination of Inquisitor and Occultists. According to my feelings, this assembly is even thicker than Cabalist. The Inquisitor’s seal gives additional survivability and a real tank is obtained. 75-76 SR turned out to be so easy for this build that I decided to provoke all the bosses at once. 100 SR managed to pass without deaths, although there were races with deaths. The crucible of the gladiator without buffs and banners, takes all the waves with its face. The results are shown in the video below.

GT: Deceiver, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

100 SR

75-76 provocation of all bosses at once

150-170 crucible extra spawn without buffs and banners




Crate of Entertainment


Bourbon clones

Mad queen


Thanks for the build, fights and testing. It’s good for variety of forum builds that you lean more towards tankiness / rather than pushing the timers. Why I’m writing this though - I’ve theorycrafted all kinds of Sigil builds throughout the years and I always ended up with 21 in Destruction like you. Anyone with the same experience? (Well I could usually get to 22 but it wasn’t worth it for me). Z, please make Destruction start from 2 or something, the 22 / 21 Sigil curse is real :laughing:


I feel like it all comes down to if u either use void boots or the bone shatters for DA shred.

I go for damage here and here is my version, less tanky but easy cap tho, and I kinda tested it, it does pretty well but planting all 13 sigils each time a new boss appears is a bit cancerous. :stuck_out_tongue:

mah version


Your Destruction doesn’t count as it’s fully Acid and doesn’t deal much damage :slight_smile:
but I actually haven’t made Vit Sigil build yet so it might be an exception.

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U are kinda correct, I mean half of the damage kinda is wasted on sigils and it shows, but weirdly enough radagaan supports vitality, and getting acid to vitality conversion items is pretty sacrificial.

Ran shard 80 just fine without dying with a timer around 7 minutes still on I think, maybe I am lying dunno.

EDIT: ok full disclosure my build manages to beat shard 80 with 6 min left, had kuba (very nice fight there) as last, gaved me almost 1 and half minutes to fight with.

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Full Acid Sigil will most probably have considerably more damage but might not have the tankiness of the OP and thus all these achievements so it’s fine if that’s the case.