[] Fire Cadence + CD Forcewave Commando

*There are some changes compared to this screenshot values, please check GT link below.

GRIM TOOLS (Updated to : Commando, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

This is my latest “meme” build, a Fire Cadence Commando who utilizes Sunherald’ Claymore, which i always wanted to use. I planned this build on grimtools, and numbers looked suprisingly good and i just had to build it. As with patch, this build is buffed and feels great.

As with most unconventional builds, this build requires a good amount of rares. You can absolutely change a few of them, but the build will probably become mediocre. The weapon itself is a must, i have rolls (only single Rare affix) that provides great flat damage here. Belt i would say required for Soldier points as most our points are in that class. I’m using a Kaisan’s Burning Eye for mostly Soldier skills too as other Soldier amulets doesn’t provide much useful stuff. Pants are here for offensive ability and Deadly Momentum bonuses. Medal can definetely be changed with something else. Serenity is the best choice for more Soldier Skill points while providing other useful stuff.

Devotions can be tweaked as always. Edit: In my latest version, i went a bit offensive Devotion route with some mix of defensive Devotion skills, primarily because i wanted to pick Fissure. Cause some men just wanna watch the world burn. Wayward Soul proc works pretty well with Blast Shield and the build have only ok (9%) Lifesteal so i wanted to have another instance of sustain.

Some Points about the Build:

  • Check your Blast Shield proc and utilize/enjoy your 6 second window of near-invulnerability.
  • You have Blast Shield that also procs Wayward Soul, which almost fully heals you. If you are still in trouble, you have Menhir’s Will and Serenity procs waiting too.
  • Build have 88% Resistance reduction + 20% Flat from Viper, Ok for a Fire build but not great. Some monsters, especially Humans can annoy you, but nothing is invulnerable to you.
  • Build doesn’t have good Phys Res for a melee (15% with average rolls) but have 19% Damage Absorb and 3.3k+ Armor. You shouldn’t take massive damage from a single source.
  • War Cry have only 66% uptime, you can go with Cocktail but it needs a lot of points plus DR amount is lower and i find it clunky here. Completely personal choice.
  • You have a CD Fire Forcewave, how cool is that? :smiley: It’s actually pretty strong with the huge buff on patch and it’s quite useful as an AoE nuke. Also your Blitz, even with 11 Points (1 point + 10 from items) deals significant amount of damage while initiating (Greatly buffed in latest patch too).
  • You have 200% Cast Speed that means smooth as hell animations. Just something extra but helps with the flow of gameplay.

Thanks for reading. Burn em all!


I’ve heard that Phoenix bound to player-scaled pets (like Thermite Mines) does not give aura proc to a player. Has it changed?

nop, not last i tried (9.5) - no buff or dmg boost on me but a buff icon on nemesis kitty :joy:


Holy sheet i forgot about that. Lol i should change it. Thanks for noticing.

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I’ve updated some of the info, plus grimtools link to newest version. The build is moderately buffed in latest patch to say the least and is one of my favorite ones.