[] Golden Templar - Vindicator - SR75

Golden Templar may not be the strongest in Arkovia, but where he lacks in destructive prowess or defensive might, he carries with him the auric light of Ultos and a barrage of lightning fury.

His multiple skills converted to Physical, transform their glows to a distinctive golden hue. The OA and DA are a little low, but large groups of trash mobs can be quickly electrocuted back to h3ll. Enemies in SR75-76 farm runs that get into range of his great wyrm crossbow are stunned, frozen, confused, and slowed, while Inquisitor’s Seals (22/12) absorb most of the punishing attacks.

No green MI or DR items were used, making this character relatively easy to build. Enjoy!


Grim Tools:

Before/after of Photoshopped GD screenshot:

Shout out to @WyreZ @Skelemental and @desioner for all the ideas and good times!


i don’t understand this?
why are you stacking lightning items, on a physical build?, resulting in so low dmg?
not even taking assasin’s mark either
if someone wanted the golden look of light’s defender set, they could just transmog it, without the massive dmg loss it brings to use 9/13 lightning dmg items instead of phys @_@

Gnomish_Inquisition: Much appreciated for your positive and constructive feedback! The googgly eyes were a wonderful touch. :slight_smile:

This build wasn’t meant to be min/maxed for end game. It was just a memey character where I liked the thought of having gold seals and my favorite lightning effects combined.


It’s for what any game is meant to be: played for fun. :wink:


yeye, i totally get that, it’s pretty obvious, devos and such, and i’m totally for that
but why not “optimize” it just a tiny bit :sweat_smile:
adding in AM for RR, not using lightning items where not needed (belt, boots, legs, possibly relic and medal too)
trust me, i do loads of silly conversion memes too, and have done non-phys devos on phys builds and non pierce devos on pierce builds etc, but i still atleast take RR to partially increase the dmg incurred by meme/theme/conversion approach
seems like a heckuva lot of dmg lost, for no real reason on those last parts/outside light’s defender set still, which is what makes the confusion all the greater
super tiny example could be Hydra isn’t even finished, when it easily could, at minimal to “no” loss, tiny bit more dmg, more OA, double slow res, for teeny tiny regen loss by taking 1pt out of Behemoth
or use the spare nodes from rhowan’s crown, since they do nothing

I gotta admit this confused the heck out of me too at first but I’m always down for a wacky wyrm build.

I do agree with Gnomish though about finishing Hydra. If you take at least that last point out of Crown, you’re only losing 8% chaos res. Also, have you tried swapping storm box and storm totem around for devo procs? I would think storm box would proc Ultos better since it’s on a much shorter cooldown than Tempest.

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Gnomish_Inquisition: I have never refused healthy debate and constructive discussion from other mature players. Nor have I said that I would not consider editing my build to make it better. That’s why most people share their builds, in hopes to get ideas and inspiration from fellow veterans. Your points have been duly noted, thank you. :slight_smile:

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: Thank you for your comment! Confusion is fine, I myself often get confused about this game a lot. I was thinking about the storm box and totems as well. I did swap those two before several times, as well as with Primal Strike, but it will require more thought, and perhaps some math (which I am terrible at), to properly optimize the devo procs. :sweat_smile: I will see what I can come up with, thanks!

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Tempest on Storm Totem would be bad btw, if you “unsummon” a totem, (ex by resummoning a new totem/duration expires), that triggered Tempest it will remove the lightning storm too, as Reckless Tempest is like an dmg aura/buff around the one attached to, so when the totem it’s attached to is removed so away goes the aura/buff that causes the storm

Ultos on totem is actually good, while box might potentially trigger it faster, totems should trigger it decently enough, and when Ultos is on pseudo pets, the electrocute dot stacks, if it’s on a player attack skill the electrocute dot from ultos doesn’t stack
(tho not really super significant here since there isn’t exactly much trauma duration increase for converted electrocute dot duration overlap)


That weapon converts elemental damage to physical, basically breaking your build. You can use Ugdenbog Spearkthrower, Raka’Jax or Vortex of Souls. You can transmog it to whatever model you want.

hands down a nonsense build, but:

ya1: That weapon is the only one that converts Inquisitor’s Seal to Physical, turning the ground into a golden disco, which is what I wanted. :slight_smile:

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klasperstanze: Hehe umm thanks! :laughing: Perhaps I should stick to in-game photography and poster design then! :sweat_smile:

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wow, this is a big change of Golden Templar, hope the new mod apk will make everyone more impressed