[] Korba's Frosty Fury RoS + Savagery Trickster

Just wanted to share my Korba trickster setup since the last Korba build I could find was Superfluff’s in 1.1.7.x

Korba’s set is a very nice Trickster set which has both good damage from its skill modifiers and pretty nice defense(phys res+health) on its pieces. However, it still doesn’t see much use, one of the main issues being lack of OA/DA. How do we solve this problem? The easiest solution greens…

Build : Trickster, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

OA goes up to 3.2 with Tenacity of the Boar

I wanted to focus on Fumble as a defensive mechanic, hence both CoS and Tsunami devo to get maximum uptime. Fumble is really nice but there are many attacks that completely ignore it (any ground degen/AoEs, spells like Aleks Meteor, etc.) but you can kite/dodge those and it is very good when enemies are just autoattacking. Korba also chunks bosses pretty fast(other than Kuba) making it pretty good in SR and crucible.

My rares are probably not optimal, with this setup I have to chug energy potions in high SR bosses and for Ravager I had to pot on cooldown. of Insight affix on the pants should take care of the issue completely. I have a stalwart of Insight which should also fix the DA and makes chaos res easier but I lose 4% phys res, I picked Formidable because it got me at 50% phys res and I felt it would be needed since Trick doesn’t have much circuit breakers. Energy problems were not too bad all in all, only slight issue with Ravager when I died once bcos pot was still on CD.

Build Feats -
Crucible 3 runs in 1 set of blessings (I’m not a cr speedrunner since I try to kill 2 phase bosses before next wave for example so probably not a good time)

SR 80-85

I killed pretty much every nemesis boss in this run, I was searching for Grava since I thought that would be the biggest problem for this build but found him only at 84 so I completed 85 as well. All nems are pretty easy (dodge Aleks meteor, don’t attack Fabius BB, kite Kaisan crystals, etc.) except Grava who is a pain in the ass since I don’t have chaos overcap and the fumble pool ofc(A taste of my own medicine) but still killable(assuming you have space to kite).

Ravager of Minds

Ravager is also pretty weak to fumble which makes this doable without much circuit breakers. It should potentially be possible to kill without pharma or aether crystal but needs luck. My best attempt without pharma brought him to <10% health but then he cast RP and deleted me. Was able to consistently do <25% without pharma(only risky energy problems) so I caved and used it on my last try (ugdensalve+royal jelly and 1 aether crystal).

Edit: No buff potions is doable but I did use an Aether cluster around 30-25% HP, around that time he always uses RP and ghoul/prism are on cooldown.


Toad instead of Quill?

Almost always pick Quill unless that 3% lifesteal makes a difference (usually not). This build has energy issues and low DA anyway making it even more mandatory.

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I wanted to try Korba set again. a bit rookie questions.
1.Instead of Peerless of Beronath Eyes, how about Kaisan amulet (that MI)?
2.Instead of Mythical Deathmarked Shoulderguard, what about other MI shoulder?

I recently returned to GD and lost a lot of senses. thus I am asking these questions.

Im not the build’s author but you could indeed replace Peerless Eye for Kaisan and Shoulders to a MI, but would only do so if you have high OA/DA on these

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Thanks for reply :). About shoulder, I thought about using Aggresive Zantarin’s Shoulderguard of Amarasta’s flurry. that MI has higher OA (24 more) with 5 Lethal Assault. yet, it does not have Acid → Ice damage conversion like Deathmarked Shoulderguard. For me, it is hard to tell which one is better.

p.s. I thought about using Moonsiluake’s Shoulderguard. but I do not have good prefix/subfix with that one yet. same goes for Gargole’s belt and Kaisan’s amulet as well

Yeah Kaisan for Bero is fine but its gonna be tough to beat the OA, crit and resists from Bero. I also actually use(spam) bero skill while facetanking high SR nems and Ravager and feel it makes a decent difference since stuff like crit or unlucky hit from high SR iron maiden/ravager can be rip. I think you want of winter storm to compete with Bero and maybe some good prefix.

I doubt the Zantarin/Moosi would be better for damage since we already at 20 and +5 kinda overkill. But it can be nice for flexibility in other slots or just go Formidable and get phat phys res.

Thanks for pointing out about Bero’s importance. I didn’t see that.

In my MI collection…
Formidable Zantarin’s Shoulderguard of Readness
Cleric’s Zantarin’s Shoulderguard of Readness

Formidable Grava’Thul’s Leggard of Fortitude
Cleric’s Kubacabra’s Chausses of Vitality
Runecarved Kubacabra’s Chausses of Attack

and… I need to farm more MI, especially Gargole’s waistguard.

p.s. any more suggestion on prefix/subfix? how about stonehide/Ancient?

For this build, “of Winter’s storm” on Kaisan with a strong prefix is probably the only thing that can beat Bero, Its also good on the other slots.

Stonehide/Ancient are also pretty good, pretty close to Formidable but I think they would be better on a build with more flat armor. (me no good meth tho so not sure)

Pants(or can get it on greaves) with of Insight is better for general gameplay because it basically deletes energy problems (But will still have energy problems for high SR bosses/Ravager anyway I think).

Can also pump out more phys res/armor with Phat stoneplate greaves (move points from VoS to RoS since we melee anyway), I still don’t have a good enough one to justify.
Tempest is also a good mod but only worth it combined with another really good mod imo.
of Kings is the general go to mod but its mostly useless here since capped stun res and attack speed.
of Readiness on belts, medals and rings is so much stronger than on armor, always try to get it on those rather than on armor(ofc its still also good on armor), of the Dranghoul is also super good.