[] Ms Melty Marshmallows - Purifier - SR90

Years ago, my very first build ever was an akimbo pistol Purifier. She shredded through hordes of mobs and the MSQ, but after countless deaths in end-game content, I reluctantly traded in one of her guns for a shield. Fast foward to today, I revisited her build for an upgrade and also decided to add one of my most favorite skills, Apocalypse, to her repertoire!

The main focus for this new build was to be a solid, simple-to-play solo character with lots of pewpewpew fiery death, big rocks, and electrotechnic fun! Everything within range will burn and melt, thanks to stacks of enemy resist reductions. Trash mobs will often get stunned, impaired, frozen, and/or knocked down. Meteors dropping from the sky does massive AoE damage.

On the defensive side, she has high HP, overcapped main resistances, 38% physical resist, 100% armor absorption, reduction to incoming damage, good DA, a sturdy shield, life leech, and 20/12 Inquisitor Seals, while Blast Shield and Ghoulish Hunger automatically proc when things get a little too crazy.

Another highlight is no green MI and DR items were used, so building this character should be relatively easy. Enjoy!


Grim Tools:

Before/after of Photoshopped GD screenshot:


Great work! :smiley:

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Thanks @WyreZ! I am learning from the best! :wink:

Hello, this build looks really cool and I’d like to build it but have a nublet question: It seems a bit weird we don’t max out our primary skill, could anyone elaborate on this? Is everything else just more powerful? TIA!

@Xenonic: No noob questions here. We all started at level 1 in Cairn knowing nothing about the game too. And not saying that I have all the perfect answers, but that’s what this forum is all about! :wink:

Some skills just really should be maxed out (or high as possible) because of their usefulness. Inquisitor’s Seal would be one of those top candidates in my book.

Other skills have diminishing returns the higher you level them up. Just for one example, the % chance of Execution (Nightblade) activating increases 3% from level 1 to 2… but from level 6 to 7, that increase has dwindled down to 0%, and only 1% from level 7 to 8. So you have to spend 2 points just for that extra 1% chance to activate. Sure, the other stats on Execution do consistently increase per level, but those 2 points might possibly be better spent else where.

Staying on Nightblade, let’s say you have gear that gives +1 to all Nightblade Skills and another item that gives +1 to Circle of Slaughter. So with those 2 extra points, you add 1 to unlock Ring of Steel (which automatically gets bumped to level 2) and the other point to unlock Circle of Slaughter (which gets bumped to level 3). Suddenly, those 2 points effectively becomes 5 points, giving your build the ability to stun enemies and a 20% chance for them to fumble attacks too! That’s lifesaving when a mob swarms you! The better “cost for the performance” is pretty clear.

However, aside from all the math equations and theorycrafting, it really depends on what you want to do with your character. The amulet that I am currently using in the Purifier build above is probably not the best in slot possible, but I really wanted the Apocalypse skill! Same goes for spending skill points. It’s all a balancing act.

Sorry for the wall of text. Hope it helps! :slightly_smiling_face:


does fire strike has passthru skill mod like primal strike from weapon?

Good time. Do not consider my question as rude, but for passing the 90th fragment? Where are the videos with the main superbosses? Ravager? Is the assembly capable of useful actions? And yes, in our time to brag about the lack of greenery, which is elementary to get from mobs with a binding, but using random legs is a super score )))

To each his own, I guess. FYI you most definitely wanna max main node, at least softcap (12/12) Explosive and DEFINITELY max Brimstone on every Fire Strike build. “But I like defense better” argument won’t do because autoattack IS your defense with adcth (attack damage converted to health) as the main source sustain.

so where you put attribute points,this is my first ranged build

Hover over Attributes in Grim Tools

so pump it all in psiyhique,and in other to meet requment

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Yes although Physique req is 1035 so it’s not like there’s much wiggle room here.

Good day!

I am trying to figure out how to place devotion points to match what you have here. It’s been a hot minute since I’ve played the game, so it could be that I don’t realize you can move points around later to match once you have the required nodes. Getting the required affinities to put points where I need them is my current struggle.

Any advice would be appreciated!

Only the beginning is tricky, for example you can do:

Green Crossroad
-Green Crossroad ( “-” means respec that at Spirit Guide)
Red Crossroad

After that it’s easy and no moving points around / respeccing at Spirit Guide needed so you should be able to figure it out
(put points into remaining crossroads and then devotions, prioritizing Elemental Storm and Eldritch Fire)

Thank you!

Another Question: At what point should I switch to using ranged weapons? I am level 49 and still using a twohander.

At around character level 2 since there’s Francis’ Gun that you can loot from a rotting corpse in Lower Crossing.

No, not that I know of. Fire Strike does not have a pass-through skill by itself.

No offense taken! I have not had a chance to try this new build with a celestial boss yet, except for Callagadra last night, but it was a duo with my friend, so that doesn’t really count. The main reason why most people (including myself) use Shattered Realm (or Crucible) to gauge the effectiveness of a build is because of all the randomness and mutators. A build in SR has to be balanced and good at everything, whereas for a celestial boss, I could tweak certain aspects of my character to better suit against each one individually. Not saying that fighting a celestial is useless, because it is also a good indicator, but SR is also limitless, so you can tell exactly where your build plateaus.

Thanks to @tqFan for all the answers to other peoples’ questions while I was away from the forum this past little while. He/she hit them bang on! :slightly_smiling_face:

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