[] Pierce/Bleed Rancor Trickster CR 4:30 SR 85

My first idea was to create a pierce/bleed caster with player scaled pets. Blade spirits, living shadow devotion and sand devils from Azrakaa relic. Rancor fit the build idea perfectly, it ended up more of a caster/melee hybrid however. Build plays very well in my opinion and is fun to play.
Since Rancor is a faction weapon I included a budget version as well.



Budget version

Trickster, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator
Not playtested but looks really solid on paper.
Greens are for resists with some overcap > phys res, DA > % DMG.
of the Wolf is a great suffix for cunning builds.


Nice build and nice budget version :slight_smile:

Thanks! Yea budget version looks pretty good and im kinda curious how it performs, maybe i should get around to testing it :thinking:

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I could add it to my next SSF build poll :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sure, would be cool! I started leveling it on HC actually but i don’t really have the time atm to level and put in the grind. I made an example ~lvl35 build tho showcasing some good MIs to pick up and component usage https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lNkmEeDV

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Very good job and great crucible time !
I also played a Rancor trickster, but focusing exclusively on bleed and I got similar results : a hybrid melee/ranged caster that is too squishy to be reliable at SR75, and I don’t understand why :thinking:

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Thanks. Your build looks great too, sturdier than mine!
It’s just life of a Trickster i suppose. Not much added tankiness from masteries and no defensive cooldowns. Being a twohanded build doesnt help either i guess :confused:

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Trickster problem is that they have no proper damage reduction, I’m making one rn and %15 absorption usually doesn’t enough to sustain if you don’t have proper AA/with much more flat damage than DoT along with good lifesteal. Or you need to get very high health regen.

what is the difference in 15% damage reduction and 15% absorb?

Damage Reduction applies first before all other defense mechanism as far as I know. % Damage absorption isn’t the first one. So they’re not equal.

Let’s say you’re gonna receive 1000 damage, if you apply %15 DR debuff on the enemy, you get 850, then the other defense mechanism get into it then it diminish more. I forgot the exact order of defense but %damage absorption isn’t the first one so it takes places after you received the damage.

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say you get hit 10k physical damage and has 2k armor and no physical res.

with 15% DR you then take 8500 - 2000 = 6500 dmg

instead if you have have 15% dmg absorb you take 6800 dmg

if we use non physical damage, DR and absorb is the same because resistances is also multiplicative.

Hmm, I was checking that rn; you’re right I guess. They’re very close. But with this math; % Damage Absorption is more valuable if you have low armor, and less if you have more(with %80 resist and no RR debuff on character)
But now we have no explanation to why some class combos are squishier than others :smiley: I used LoE constellation a lot and it really provides more defense than soft capped MSoP without any DR. update: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/O2Gn7rkN
Wanted to focus on crucible since build was never good for high SR anyway. Goal was to get build under 4:30 and finally managed by changing devotions and sacrificing some DA.
4:28 crucible run: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=43fwYpHnKFI


damn that’s some good CR piloting. gratz!

Thanks man, i really had to grind for a sub 4:30 run! I was holding on to 2700+ DA for way too long though

Revisited the build and farmed some GD sheet points







Why the belt ?
(vitality to cold conversion)

I don’t understand :frowning:

Simply for stats and skill points, look how much it has.
And besides Vit -> Cold doesn’t spoil anything since all Vit is converted fully to Pierce by modifiers.
Even global Vit -> Pierce on Rancor doesn’t do anything.

[edit] ok, there’s a tiny irrelevant bit on Totems.
Maybe @nofika4u is even min-maxing and low rolling this Vit -> conversion just in case there’s some meaningful Vit unnoticed.

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So it’s a priority thing basically ?

I’ll have to re-read that part of the game guide…

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We should definitely introduce a comprehensive test based on the official game guide you need to pass to register on this forum :slight_smile:

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